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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talks Hulk Hogan’s reinstatement by the WWE

Hulk Hogan and the WWE Hall of Fame
Hulk Hogan and the WWE Hall of Fame — Pic credit: WWE

Hulk Hogan was reinstated to the WWE Hall of Fame this month and fellow Hall of Fame superstar Jim Ross chimed in on the move.

The comments came from Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report (via WrestleZone), and he said that this was a positive thing for everyone involved. He also touched on some of the wrestlers who made their feelings known about the reinstatement.

Both New Day and Titus O’Neil also made their thoughts known about the reinstatement of Hulk Hogan.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, when asked about the reinstatement of Hulk Hogan, who was originally fired by the WWE for racial remarks that came from a leaked sex tape, the group New Day said they would not associate with him until he made a “genuine effort” to change.

“We just do not associate with the people who convey or have conveyed this negative and hurtful mindset,” New Day said in a statement. “This instance will be no different. Perhaps if we see him make a genuine effort to change, then maybe our opinion will change with him. Time will tell.”

According to Cageside Seats, Titus O’Neil said on Busted Open Radio that he did not think the apology by Hulk Hogan was authentic.

“I have zero respect for the way he came about his apology. It was not an apology and I still feel very strongly about that,” O’Neil said “He doesn’t have to prove anything to me, he doesn’t have to prove anything to [Mark Henry] and the end of the day he’s a grown man that made a mistake and however he goes about correcting that mistake, I think that’s all on him.”

Jim Ross looked at those statements and said that he knows New Day and Titus O’Neil are honest and spoke from the heart. Ross said that African Americans have suffered a lot over the years in America and the entire country has to move forward in a positive way.

Ross then said that he hopes that Hulk Hogan can be honest and work on healing the wounds caused by his words.

He said that only time will tell, but the one thing that is a fact is that Hogan deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and the rest will be determined on his actions in the future.

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