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WWE Hall of Fame superstar Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler says he is kept off TV due to new ‘PC’ era

WWE Hall of Fame superstar says he is kept off TV due to new ‘PC’ era
Jerry Lawler and Steve Austin. Pic credit: WWE

A lot of old-school WWE fans are always complaining about the new PG era and how they are not getting the mature storylines they used to see from the company.

However, there is one WWE Hall of Fame superstar who said that he is no longer on television — not because of the PG-era but because of the PC-era.

Jerry “The King” Lawler was on his Dinner with the King podcast and was talking about how he isn’t on television for anything anymore outside of the PPV roundtables before those events start.

When asked about why, Lawler said that he isn’t there because the WWE has to remain politically correct for advertisers and they are “politically correct to a fault”.

Lawler said that the WWE isn’t even a PG show, but is actually tamer than that due to the PC attitude of the company.

Lawler mentioned how he used to scream “puppies” all the time when working as the color commentator, referring to a woman’s breasts.

On the Monday Night Raw 25th anniversary special, he mentioned going back in time and how Vince McMahon told him to stay away from saying things like that.

According to Lawler, the WWE does not want the announcers to ever mention that a woman is sexy or beautiful or good looking, because those are not terms that empower women.

The term “puppies” is not even a phrase that Lawler coined in the WWE – that would be The Road Dogg — but he thinks that is what keeps him off television now.

On the other hand, Corey Graves is always talking about wrestlers like Mandy Rose being a “goddess” so that flies in the face of Jerry Lawler’s argument.

Maybe professional wrestling and the WWE has just moved on from Jerry “The King” Lawler?