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WWE Hall of Fame star Jerry Lawler used in a scam to rip off fans, makes official statement on situation

WWE Hall of Fame star Jerry Lawler accused of ripping off fans, makes official statement on situation
Jerry Lawler was caught in the middle of a scam recently. Pic credit: WWE

A fan recently took to social media to call out a recent financial transaction that he said was supposed to be for Jerry “The King” Lawler artwork. However, the problem is that the WWE Hall of Fame star said he knew nothing about it.

According to Wrestling Inc., a fan took to social media and said that he paid for some artwork by Lawler but after paying, never received it. He sent Lawler a private message on Twitter and when he heard nothing, sent a certified letter.

When that received no answer, he had a lawyer pen a letter to Lawler about the scam. That finally received a response.

It turned out that Lawler’s former podcast co-host Glenn Moore was offering commissioned pieces from Lawler and fans had paid for it.

Lawler said he knew nothing about it and finally spoke out about trying to come to a resolution with the fans. Here are Lawler’s comments about it on Twitter.

Lawler alleges that he knew nothing about the “dishonest scheme” and that he was not currently doing any art commissions. He then said that if anyone sees someone offering this, it is “not legitimate.” He also said that he will work on resolving this.

Ryan Satin reported that Lawler had recently stopped working with Glenn Moore because he reportedly lost trust in him.

Jerry Lawler said that he is also starting a new podcast with a different co-host in Sean Reedy called The Jerry Show.

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