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WWE Hall of Fame: Jim Ross explains why Midnight Express is not in HOF

WWE Hall of Fame: Jim Ross explains why Midnight Express is not in HOF
Jim Ross interviews Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express. Pic credit: WWE

The Midnight Express was one of the best tag teams in the history of professional wrestling. Yet, while their biggest rivals, the Rock N Roll Express are in the WWE Hall of Fame, the Midnight Express are still waiting to hear their names called.

According to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, the reason that the Midnight Express is not in the WWE Hall of Fame is simple.

Jim Cornette.

Jim Ross talks Midnight Express and WWE HOF

Jim Ross said that there is no legitimate reason that a team as successful as the Midnight Express is not in the WWE Hall of Fame.

With WWE inducting the Rock N Roll Express a few years back, it was expected that the Midnight Express would be coming soon. However, WWE jumped way ahead and inducted WCW tag team Harlem Heat instead.

When talking about the omission on his podcast Grilling JR, Ross said that the reason the Midnight Express is still not inducted has to be because of Jim Cornette.

While Cornette was allowed to induct the Rock N Roll Express when they entered the WWE Hall of Fame, he would have to be inducted along with the Midnight Express, and WWE might be leery about that.

“Can’t be another reason. Can’t be another reason,” Ross said. “Midnight Express should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Why they’re not? It has to be Corny’s outspokenness.”

Jim Cornette is one of the most outspoken legends in the world of professional wrestling. He has his own podcast and a ton of fans and he speaks candidly about anyone and everyone.

He is also very insulting to those he does not like and has no filter when it comes to what he says.

Jim Ross said that he feels Cornette should “continue to be as outspoken as he wants.” but that it hurts the Midnight Express and their chance of a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

“But he is outspoken, and he’s very polarizing. And someday, the decision-makers in WWE are going to make good logic of a commonsense decision, and they’re going to induct the Midnight Express.”

The Midnight Express

The Midnight Express was initially a three-man unit that included Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, and Norvell Austin.

However, it wasn’t until Jim Cornette became their manager and they turned into a tag team with Loverboy Dennis Condrey and Beautiful Bobby Eaton that they skyrocketed to success.

In 1987, the team got even better when Condrey left and Sweet Stan Lane took his place. It is the team of Eaton and Lane that many consider one of the best in professional wrestling history.

There was even a time where Lane and Eaton feuded with Condrey and Rose, with Paul Heyman serving as the manager for the elder members as the Original Midnight Express.

WWE even tried to revive the team with Bob Holly and Bart Gunn in 1998, but that was a huge failure.

Over their career, versions of the Midnight Express held an astonishing 80 tag team titles all over the world. In the territory days, they wrestled everywhere and won titles consistently.

Their biggest titles included the NWA World Tag Team Championship twice (Eaton and Lane once and Condrey and Eaton once)), the NWA US Tag Team Championship three times (Eaton and Lane), the AWA World Tag Team Championship once (Condrey and Rose), and the WWE World Tag Team Championship once (Holly and Gunn).

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