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WWE Fastlane PPV review: Swerves dominate the last WWE PPV before WrestleMania 35

WWE Fastlane PPV review
The Shield closed out WWE Fastlane with a great finish. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Fastlane was never expected to be something special. As the last WWE PPV before WrestleMania 35, the best fans could have hoped for was to see matches set up on this show.

Sadly, that is all fans got on top of some very disappointing moments.

The Fastlane PPV opened with the last minute tag team match pitting The New Day against Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. As expected, New Day grabbed the win to make fans happy but it seems there are still no real plans for Rusev and Nakamura.

The Kofi Kingston situation at WWE Fastlane

There was also a moment early on where the “McMahon family” wanted to talk to Kofi Kingston about the world title match. It was a setup to lead to a story about Kofi getting back into that match, but not only was this a swerve, it was also the biggest mistake of this WWE PPV.

See, while fans looked forward to seeing Kofi Kingson reinserted into the match, they did not get that. After waiting an hour, Vince said that it would be a triple threat match after all and then told Kofi to get out to the ring because the match was about to start.

When Kofi got there, he learned he was in a handicap match against The Bar. He was beaten down and destroyed, even though he gave it his best. Even New Day couldn’t save him. Kofi lost and the fans were unhappy.

That was made even worse later in the show when the WWE world title match took place. Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan were out for the match and it was a triple threat match. However, it wasn’t Kofi Kingston. It was Mustafa Ali.

Now, Mustafa Ali is one of the most popular babyfaces in WWE and he is hugely popular. By putting Ali into a match that fans wanted Kofi in, the fans all booed Ali. WWE took one of their best pure babyfaces and turned fans against him for something he had no control over.

When Daniel Bryan pinned Mustafa Ali, the fans didn’t seem to care. It seems that WWE has destroyed the push the young wrestler had built up.

Remember when fans turned on Batista when they wanted Daniel Bryan? WWE probably doesn’t. This was the best match on the show and no one in the audience cared because of the bad storytelling.

The women at WWE Fastlane

The women at WWE Fastlane had the good, the bad and the ugly.

Asuka is supposed to be a beast, but she was involved in 50-50 booking with Mandy Rose. Yes, Vince McMahon is supposed to be high on Rose, but this was a match Asuka should have won cleanly.

Instead, it was a mistake by Sonya Deville when she pulled up the ring apron to pull out a kendo stick that decided the match. Rose tripped on the apron. Asuka won because of a Mandy Rose mistake.

There was the Bayley and Sasha Banks match with the Samoan Slaughterhouse that was not very good — which is no surprise because the Samoans are not good in the ring.

However, things got exciting after the match when Tamina got into commentator Beth Phoenix’s face and then the two began to fight. Natalya ran down but was beaten down along with Phoenix.

That will probably lead to a WrestleMania 35 match, and if it keeps Nia Jax and Tamina out of the title matches, it is a good thing.

In the most important women’s match on the show, Charlotte Flair battled Becky Lynch. If Becky wins, she is in the WrestleMania 35 Raw women’s title match.

The story involved Lynch being hobbled by her bad knee and having to fight from behind. It ended when Charlotte had Becky down in the figure four leglock and then Ronda Rousey ran in and hit Becky, causing the disqualification.

Rousey just smirked and walked off after she ensured that Becky Lynch would get into the WrestleMania 35 match. The match was one of Lynch and Flair’s worst together because of the story of Becky hobbled the entire time.

The Shield’s last ride?

In what should be no surprise, the first match for Roman Reigns since he returned from his leukemia battle was the main event.

It was The Shield against Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin.

Also, as expected from a Shield six-man match, they were on fire. This was a brawl, with the match going into the crowd and back to the ring.

Drew even took the triple powerbomb through a table. The fans all chanted “one more time,” so this was obviously the best match to end the show with, especially with the rest of the show being so poorly written.

If this was the last time The Shield will ever team together, it was a perfect conclusion to their tenure as the fans chanted “this is awesome” after The Shield took out Lashley and McIntrye and surrounded Baron Corbin.

One last triple powerbomb took out Baron Corbin and the fans exploded for what was a great ending to an otherwise lackluster WWE PPV.

The rest of WWE Fastlane

Honestly, the fact that nothing else at WWE Fastlane was really memorable speaks wonders.

The biggest moment came in the WWE SmackDown Live tag team title match. This was The Usos against Shane McMahon and The Miz.

The Usos looked great in the match and won by pinning Miz.

However, the real story came after the match when Shane McMahon turned heel, shockingly attacking The Miz and beating him down in front of his dad.

While many fans knew these two would fight at WrestleMania 35, most thought Miz was turning heel and it ended up as McMahon with the heel turn, including moments where he mocked the Cleveland fans before leaving.

The Raw tag team titles were also on the line in a three-way, with The Revival defending against Bobby Roode and Chad Gable as well as Aleister Black and Ricochet.

This was actually a good match, with Revival winning and keeping their titles. Both losing teams took turns attacking Revival after the match and there is a good chance WrestleMania 35 will be another multi-man match for the titles.

In the United States title match, they changed it at the last second to a four-way with Samoa Joe defending against R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, and Andrade.

This was one of the top matches on the show. Andrade and Mysterio are still putting on amazing matches when fighting each other. Samoa Joe got the win and kept his title.

Final Outlook: WWE Fastlane PPV

WWE Fastlane was a bad PPV that had a couple of good matches and a really great main event to end the show.

This was good wrestling ruined by terrible writing and some questionable decisions.

Mustafa Ali was ruined by WWE screwing Kofi Kingston. Ronda Rousey ran in and did one punch to set up their Raw women’s title match and then just left without doing anything else. Mandy Rose lost to Asuka in a manner that left the champion looking less than great.

Shane McMahon turned heel in a match where everyone expected Miz to be the one who turned, which is, at least, fresh.

The biggest crime? Remember how AJ Styles was the best wrestler in WWE for the past two years? Not only was he not on this show, but WWE ran him out to attack Randy Orton after Orton laid out Elias for insulting the crowd.

The fans hated Elias, so Randy Orton hit him with the RKO. That is a babyface move, but then Styles — the real babyface — laid out Orton? Did anyone even think this one out?

Overall, WWE Fastlane was the most forgettable PPV of 2019 so far despite the wrestlers doing their best to overcome the bad stories they were sent out to tell.

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