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WWE Extreme Rules review, recap, grades: Brock Lesnar shows up to cash in

WWE Extreme Rules review, recap, grades: Brock Lesnar shows up to cash in
WWE Extreme Rules recap. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Extreme Rules took place on July 14 and saw the final PPV before the “new era” of WWE stars with Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff in charge.

Here is a look at the WWE Extreme Rules recap, review, and grades.

Roman Reigns and Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre

This was a chance for Undertaker to show that the match with Goldberg in Saudi Arabia was a fluke and he could still hang with the young talent.

To be honest, Undertaker looked great in this match. He is nowhere near what he used to be, but when put into a match like this, he delivers.

Undertaker was put through a table, and Shane even hit Coast to Coast into a trashcan in Undertaker’s face. Then, when Undertaker sat up and went nuts after that, it was still believable.

Forget five-star wrestling matches, because this was a professional wrestling story told perfectly.

Undertaker chokeslammed Shane McMahon and Elias (who came down to interfere). When Drew almost hit the Claymore Kick from behind, Roman hit the spear to save Undertaker, and the Dead Man finished it off with the Tombstone.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Undertaker (*** 1/2)

Raw Tag Championship: The Revival vs. The Usos

This was fought in classic old school (The Revival) vs. new school (The Usos) style.

Honestly, I love both teams, but this match seemed to drag and was long just to be a long match without a lot of good pacing. It wasn’t terrible, as these teams are incapable of putting on bad matches, but it was just there.

The Revival won surprisingly and kept their tag title reign going with the Shatter Machine.

Winners: The Revival (** 1/2)

Aleister Black vs. Cesaro

For weeks, Aleister Black has been begging someone to challenge him to a fight, and the best person possible answered the challenge in Cesaro.

This is a rare PPV match for present-day WWE as it is just a match with two guys fighting for bragging rights and putting on a hell of a show.

Honestly, this was a match like you would see in NXT or EVOLVE and the fans started a “this is awesome” chant when they hit the last half and just started to beat the hell out of each other.

It was great. Black won with the Black Mass.

Winner: Aleister Black (****)

R-Truth is backstage looking for Hornswoggle and asked Alexa Bliss if she knew where he was. Alexa gave Nikki Cross a Twisted Bliss t-shirt as a gift before their match.

The Stree Profits showed up and said they were “so cute.” They were wearing their NXT tag titles. They wanted to know where the party will be when Alexa wins tonight. When Alexa and Nikki said they would share the title if they win, they laughed about it.

Nikki Cross told them they would show them and they want to party with Nikki now.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

This was a match that saw Bayley fighting an uphill battle. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross worked great together as a tag team in the match.

However, the end came when Bayley lifted her knees when Alexa Bliss went for Twisted Bliss, and then she tagged out to Nikki. Cross then went to the top and flew into Bayley’s knee. A flying elbow drop won it for Bayley.

Alexa Bliss sat with Nikki Cross in the ring after the match and hugged her and Bayley smiled at the top of the ramp, taunting them. Bliss never turned on Nikki.

Winner: Bayley (**)

Last Man Standing Match: Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley

These two giants have been feuding for a long time, and it heated up two weeks ago when Lashley and Strowman flew through the video screen, and both needed to be hospitalized due to the explosion.

This match was a massive brawl, and the fans loved it, which helped make it seem like a big deal. Bobby Lashley is officially back to being a legit WWE superstar.

The two fought for 18 minutes, and the ending was unique for a Last Man Standing Match. They were fighting int eh crowd and were up in the stands.  Braun picked up Lashley and hit the powerslam from the second level to the floor.

They were in an area no one could see in, and the referee started to count. Fans started chanting “ECW.” Strowman then burst through the wall as the only man standing to win.

This was both men’s best match in forever.

Winner: Braun Strowman (*** 1/2)

SmackDown Tag Championship: Rowan and Daniel Bryan vs. New Day vs. Heavy Machinery

Daniel Bryan and Rowan have been a surprisingly great tag team since winning the titles. New Day is one of the best of all-time (Big E and Xavier Woods). As for Heavy Machinery, Bryan has been hyping how talented they are to try to show they are more than a comedy gimmick.

So, could they deliver?

Well, fans seem to love Heavy Machinery despite their Bushwackers gimmick. Despite that, these two men are not ready to carry the titles yet, so the ending of this match worked.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan finally lost their titles and New Day became the SmackDown Live tag team champions for the fourth time when Xavier Woods pinned Danie Bryan.

Honestly, the end of this match between Daniel Bryan and Big E was amazing, and one day Big E could be a massive singles star. New Day hit Midnight Hour for the win.

Winners: New Day (****)

Paul Heyman came out after the match to say that Brock Lesnar would cash in tonight … or maybe he won’t.

United States Championship: Ricochet vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles just turned heel and reformed The Club with Gallows and Anderson. This is his chance to win a title as a heel.

Styles has proven for years now that he was the best wrestler in WWE, but this is his chance to prove he can be a great heel as well, which means still looking great but relying on cheap tactics to win.

The good news is that Styles proved it in this match. The interference was not overblown in the match, but it was a threat, and The Club is who ended up helping AJ Styles win, keeping Ricochet strong and showing that Styles was ready for his new role as a heel champion.

Luke Gallows interfered, and crotched Ricochet on the top rope before AJ Styles hit the Styles Clash off the buckle. It sucks that Ricochet lost his title already, but he has a long career in front of him and Styles is on a new journey now.

Winner: AJ Styles (****)

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Shane McMahon said that Kevin Owens was banned from WWE live events. He showed up anyway and wanted to fight. Dolph Ziggler accepted the fight.

Kevin Owens hit the Stunner nad won the match in 10 seconds.


KO: “Shane McMahon can kiss my a$$ and go straight to hell.”

Winner: Kevin Owens (No Rating)

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe

It is ironic because last month, it was mentioned that Baron Corbin should not be in the main event scene while a guy like Samoa Joe is not. Well, while Baron is still in the main event, Joe was instantly up from his U.S. title feud to a world title match against Kofi Kingston.

This match makes little sense because Joe is a Raw superstar, but he deserves it.

Samoa Joe did what he does best, and he just beat the hell out of Kofi Kingston and hurt him in every way he could. Joe did what he does best — fight from behind as the ultimate underdog and prove that you can never count him out.

The end came when Joe had a chance to lock in the Clutch but just started to punch Kofi instead, which was a mistake since Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise from out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston (***)

Mixed Tag Match: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs. Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans

This match is for both Seth Rollins’ world title and Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s title. If they win, Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans don’t get another title shot. If they lose, they lose both titles.

The match lasted about 20 minutes, and the fans really were not into the match. However, with that said, all four put in hard work on the match and tried their best.

Baron Corbin needs to move down the card now and get out of the main event scene. Lacey Evans is better than fans give her credit for but was just thrown into the title mix too early without earning it.

There was an amazing move at the end of the match where Rollins and Lynch pout Evans and Corbin on tables outside the ring. Lynch went to the second buckle and hit a flying leg drop through the tables, and then Rollins flew with a splash through Corbin.

That move made the match.

In a shocking move, Baron Corbin hit End of Days on Becky Lynch, which fired up Seth Rollins. Rollins took a kendo stick and a chair and killed Corbin. He hit the Stomp three times for the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch (***)

Brock Lesnar cashed in.

WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar attacked Seth Rollins and hit two German Suplexes, and then cashed in.

Lesnar hit the F5 and won in 13 seconds.

Winner: Brock Lesnar (No Rating)

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