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WWE Elimination Chamber 2020: Otis tries to get his hands on Dolph Ziggler

WWE Elimination Chamber 2020
The SmackDown tag team titles were on the line in an Elimination Chamber match. Pic credit: WWE

The WWE Elimination Chamber included a big tag team championship matchup and some of the best tag teams in WWE today were involved.

The New Day and The Usos, the two teams who held more tag team titles than almost anyone else in WWE today were involved.

It was The Miz and John Morrison that came in as the titleholders.

However, it was a mid-card feud between two of the other tag teams that had everyone’s attention.

Heavy Machinery and Dolph Ziggler

What might make some fans frustrated is that one of the big stories coming in was the romantic interest of Otis with Mandy Rose.

However, every step of the way, it seemed Dolph Ziggler was there to get in the way.

It all ended with the Valentine’s Day date between Otis and Mandy. However, Otis got a text that Mandy was running late, so he showed up late and saw her leaving with Dolph Ziggler.

It was clear Ziggler sent the message, but Mandy seemed too dumb to realize this and told Otis it was over with.

Otis and Ziggler are both in this Elimination Chamber match, and there are a lot of fans who might love to see Heavy Machinery finally win their first tag team titles, or at least see Otis get his hands on Ziggler.

Elimination Chamber 2020 tag title chamber match

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Miz and John Morrison, are out first. Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler are out next. Based on their match on SmackDown last week, they are the last to enter regardless.

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The Lucha House Party is out next. Heavy Machinery is out next.

That means the Usos and New Day started the match. As expected, these two teams were on their game tonight.

The next team to enter the rings was Lucha House Party, which sped things up in this match a lot. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado were the members that took part in this match.

The three teams beat the heck out of each other and tag champs Miz and John Morrison came in before anyone was eliminated. Things heated up, with fans chanting “this is awesome.”

There was still no one eliminated when Heavy Machinery came into the match.

The craziest move came when Lince Dorado climbed to the top of the cage and scaled the roof to flip onto everyone (which looked fake since everyone stood and watched him, making sure to position themselves to avoid an injury.)

Otis pinned Gran Metalik after the Caterpillar for the first elimination.

It was time for Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode to come out and Heavy Machinery was there waiting for them. Miz and Morrison came to help them.

Finally, Dolph Ziggler climbed to the top of the pod for his own safety but Tucker climbed up there too and then tossed Ziggler to Otis. Then, somehow, Tucker did a somersault off the top of the pod and … holy crap!

This is the day that Heavy Machinery became stars.

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Then, Otis charged Ziggler but Dolph moved and Otis slammed into the pod and knocked it outside of the ring, falling to the floor. That has never happened before.

That left Tucker alone for his team, and he was mad. However, he was alone and Roode pinned Tucker after the Glorious DDT and the fans booed loudly.

Ziggler and Roode were taunting Heavy Machinery and didn’t see New Day attack them. The Usos then hit a double splash to eliminate Ziggler and Roode.

That left The Usos, New Day, and Miz & Morrison.

It looks like 4-on-2, and to their credit, Morrison and Miz charged in for the fight. Until, humorously, both New Day and Usos turned on each other at the same time.

Kofi Kingston went to the top of a pod but missed a flying splash to The Usos and Miz and Morrison ran in for the quick pin on Kingston to eliminate New Day.

It was Miz and Morrison against The Usos at the end.

In a great move, Miz had one of the Usos locked in the Figure Four and Morrison hit Starship Pain, but the other Uso saved his brother.

However, Miz hit a Sunset Flip and Morrison flipped over and landed on top to get the pin and retain their titles.

The WWE Elimination Chamber PPV took place on March 8, 2020, on WWE Network.

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