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WWE changes name of NXT Women’s title and fans blamed Becky Lynch

WWE changes name of NXT Women's title and fans blamed Becky Lynch
Fans are blaming Becky Lynch for the NXT title name change. Pic credit: WWE

WWE has changed the name of one of their titles. The company has chosen to change the name of the NXT Women’s Championship to the NXT Championship.

While some fans believe this will be confusing, as it means there are two NXT Championships, most of the time no one talks about a title without mentioning the champion. In this case, the men’s and women’s titles will both have the same name.

PWInsider reported that WWE chose to remove the word “Women’s” from the title to remove a gender distinction from the title and just make it a WWE title. There is no word on if this will happen on Raw and SmackDown as well.

The fans immediately blamed Becky Lynch.

When Lynch was on WWE Backstage on Tuesday night, she mentioned that she wished WWE would stop using gender descriptions when talking about women’s wrestling.

She said they should just present all wrestling as wrestling, instead of pushing women’s wrestling into its own corner. Lynch said that was part of being more progressive.

However, enough fans called out Becky Lynch after the NXT news that she chose to speak out again and clarify what she was trying to say.

First, Becky Lynch said that she didn’t advocate changing the names of titles at all in WWE and that it was pretty ridiculous to think she even had that power, stroke, or pull.

She also said that her comments did not mean she thought WWE should change the name of the women’s division or any of the titles. Lynch then explained what she did mean.

“The term ‘women’ can limit openings because phrases like, ‘there’s already a women’s match on the show’ is still in wrestling’s historical DNA.

“I’d simply love us to get to a place where there’s three ‘women’s matches’ on PPV, or ten… or none if it so happens we’re not serving the audience.”

As Becky Lynch said, she isn’t looking to change the name of the women’s titles. She just wants “women’s wrestling matches” to be called “wrestling matches” and be no different than men’s matches when talking about the shows.

WWE presents the Royal Rumble on Sunday night at 7/6c on WWE Network.

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