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WWE champions: Full updated list of every champion, the title records and the last wrestlers to hold the belts

WWE Championships
The WWE Universal Champion belt. Find out about all the current WWE champions below. Pic credit: WWE
  • Updated on December 26: United States title changed hands
  • Updated on December 18: Cruiserweight title changed hands
  • Updated on December 16: WWE NXT women’s title changed hands

WWE champions can be hard to keep track of with so many titles up for grabs.

WWE is working their way through their strong 2019 WWE PPV schedule, and at every event, the titles are on the line and any title can switch hands at any big event, or any weekly television show.

Here is a full updated list of all the WWE champions from every brand.

WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

WWE Champions
Brock Lesnar is the WWE Champion. Pic credit: WWE

Kofi Kingston had held the title since his big moment at WrestleMania when he beat Daniel Bryan. He had overcome several challenges but then fell in seconds to Brock Lesnar when WWE SmackDown premiered on Fox.

This is Lesnar’s fifth time to hold the WWE Championship, but his first since 2014. He has now held the title for over 580 days.

Current Champion: Brock Lesnar (Oct. 4, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Kofi Kingston (180 days)
  • Daniel Bryan (145 days)
  • AJ Styles (371 days)
  • Jinder Mahal (170 days)
  • Randy Orton (49 days)

Most Title Reigns: John Cena (13)

Most Days As Champion: Bruno Sammartino (4,040)

WWE Universal Champion: Bray Wyatt

WWE has special plans for Bray Wyatt when it comes to television appearances
WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt. Pic credit: WWE

Seth Rollins defended his Universal title against Bray Wyatt, which made little sense because they were on different brands, but Wyatt won the belt as The Fiend and moved the championship to SmackDown.

Since that time, Wyatt has defended the title successfully in matches against Daniel Bryan and The Miz and appears to be one of the most dominant champions in all of WWE.

This is Wyatt’s first WWE Universal Championship title reign, although he also held the WWE title in the past.

Current Champion: Bray Wyatt (October 31, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Seth Rollins (81 days)
  • Brock Lesnar (27 days)
  • Seth Rollins (98 days)
  • Brock Lesnar (156 days)
  • Roman Reigns (64 days)

Most Title Reigns: Brock Lesnar (3)

Most Days As Champion: Brock Lesnar (686 days)

WWE Raw Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch holding the WWE Raw and SmackDown women’s titles. Pic credit: WWE

Becky Lynch became the biggest babyface in WWE last year and has been on a mission to win the WWE Raw women’s title at WrestleMania 35 by beating Ronda Rousey. Her trip to the title match was full of obstacles and she had to overcome a lot to get there.

However, Becky Lynch made it there to the title match and did the unthinkable. Even with Charlotte Flair there to take the fall, it was Ronda Rousey that Lynch pinned for the Raw and SmackDown Live women’s titles.

Becky Lynch now holds the top titles for both brands and the future looks bright for The Man.

Current Champion: Becky Lynch (April 7, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Ronda Rousey (231 days)
  • Alexa Bliss (63 days)
  • Nia Jax (71 days)
  • Alexa Bliss (223 days)
  • Sasha Banks (8 days)

Most Title Reigns: Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair (4)

Most Days As Champion: Alexa Bliss (398)

WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion: Bayley

Bayley as WWE SmackDown womens champion
Bayley holding her WWE SmackDown Live women’s title. Pic credit: WWE

When Charlotte Flair beat Bayley for the SmackDown women’s title in October, it should have come as no surprise that it was a short reign. While Charlotte has had more women’s title reigns than anyone, they are all very short.

The latest one lasted just four days and the heel Bayley won the title from her, teaming with Sasha Banks, and becoming the longest-reigning women’s champion in SmackDown history by the end of December.

Current Champion: Bayley (Oct. 11, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Charlotte Flair (4 days)
  • Bayley (140 days)
  • Charlotte Flair (<1 day)
  • Becky Lynch (41 days)
  • Charlotte Flair (12 days)

Most Title Reigns: Charlotte Flair (5)

Most Days As Champion: Bayley (217+ days)

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

WWE champions: Full updated list of every champion, the title records and the last wrestlers to hold the belts
Shinsuke Nakamura celebrates winning the Intercontinental Championship. Pic credit: WWE

Finn Balor held the WWE Intercontinental title since WrestleMania 35, winning it from Bobby Lashley in a David vs. Goliath match. However, three months later his title reign came to an end on the Kickoff show from Extreme Rules.

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It also does not appear that Balor will get a chance to win it back because he is heading into a feud with Bray Wyatt and Shinsuke Nakamura will likely try to have a better title reign than he did with his last title — the United States Championship.

This is Nakamura’s first IC title reign.

Current Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura (July 14, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Finn Balor (98 days)
  • Bobby Lashley (27 days)
  • Finn Balor (22 days)
  • Bobby Lashley (34 days)
  • Dean Ambrose (29 days)

Most Title Reigns: Chris Jericho (9)

Most Days As Champion: Pedro Morales (619 days)

WWE United States Champion: Andrade

andrade cien almas wins wwe united states championship
Andrade Cien Almas has won the WWE United States Championship. Pic credit: @WWE Instagram

Rey Mysterio was in the middle of his second reign as the WWE Intercontinental Champion when something surprising happened. Just a few days after Mysterio defended his title against Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw, Mysterio lost the belt at a house show.

Andrade beat Mysterio for the title at a Madison Square Garden house show and it is the first time that Nakamura has held a title since he left NXT in 2018.

Current Champion: Andrade (December 26, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Rey Mysterio (30 days)
  • AJ Styles (134 days)
  • Ricochet (21 days)
  • Samoa Joe (20 days)
  • Rey Mysterio (15 days)

Most Title Reigns: Ric Flair (6)

Most Days As Champion: Lex Luger (948)

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions: Viking Raiders

Viking Raiders win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
The Viking Raiders are the new Raw tag team champions. Pic credit: WWE

The Viking Raiders left NXT undefeated and as the champions when they moved up to Monday Night Raw. They then tore through the roster and finally captured their own titles on Raw when they beat Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode at Clash of Champions.

While The Viking Raiders have lost to The OC, there is no one else on the main roster that has even come close to beating the RFaw tag team champions on their first title reign.

Current Champion: Viking Raiders (October 14, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (29 days)
  • Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins (27 days)
  • Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (21 days)
  • The Revival (49 days)
  • Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins (64 days)

Most Title Reigns: Cesaro and Sheamus (4)

Most Days As Champion: The New Day (532 days)

WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions: The New Day

Kofi Kingston says working with Vince McMahon proves he has finally made it in WWE
Kofi Kingston and New Day in WWE. Pic credit: WWE

The Revival’s first WWE SmackDown tag team title reign didn’t even last two months. It all ended with a record-breaking title win. The New Day beat The Revival on an episode of SmackDown to win their fifth SmackDown tag team titles.

This broke the record they held with The Usos, but The New Day has a long way to go to reach the total days that The Usos reached on their four title reigns. This one is Kofi Kingston and Big E as Xavier Woods is out with an injury during the current run.

Current Champion: The New Day (November 8, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • The Revival (54 days)
  • The New Day (63 days)
  • Daniel Bryan and Rowan (68 days)
  • The Hardy Boyz (21 days)
  • The Usos (51 days)

Most Title Reigns: The New Day (5)

Most Days As Champion: The Usos (381 days)

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Kabuki Warriors

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions
The Kabuki Warriors won the women’s tag titles at Hell in a Cell. Pic credit: WWE

After The IIconics took the WWE women’s tag team titles and made them mean less than nothing with their title reign, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross ended up winning the titles and were a shockingly good tag team.

No one expected them to last but they did and Bliss never turned on Cross the entire title reign. However, all things must come to an end and The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) finally won the tag team titles at Hell in a Cell when Asuka blew her green mist in Cross’ face.

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Current Champions: The Kabuki Warriors (Oct. 6, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (62 days)
  • IIconics (120 days)
  • Sasha Banks and Bayley (49 days)

Most Title Reigns: Multiple teams (1)

Most Days As Champion: IIconics (120 days)

WWE 24/7 Champion: R-Truth

Mick Foley explains purpose of new WWE 24/7 title, says he is disappointed with his promo
Mick Foley says 24/7 title is for fans who miss the hardcore title. Pic credit: WWE

Mick Foley came out on Monday Night Raw on May 20 and introduced the new WWE 24/7 title — which is almost just like the old WWE hardcore title.

This title changes hands so many times, we will just list the champions and former champions.

Current Champions: R-Truth (Dec. 26, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Sunil Singh (<1 day)
  • Samir Singh (<1 day)
  • R-Truth (4 days)
  • Santa Claus (<1 day)
  • Akira Tozawa (<1 day)

Most Title Reigns: R-Truth (26)

Most Days As Champion: R-Truth (125+ days)

WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Angel Garza

Angel Garza
Angel Garza is the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Pic credit: WWE

WWE moved their Cruiserweight Championship title over to NXT and moved the men who were competing for it on 205 Live like Drew Gulak and Tony Nese to Monday Night Raw. With that in mind, the new champions are mostly NXT exclusive.

Lio Rush won the title from Drew Gulak on an episode of NXT TV and held it for over two months before losing it to Angel Garza in December. This is Garza’s first WWE title reign.

Current Champion: Angel Garza (December 11, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Lio Rush (63 days)
  • Drek Gulak (108 days)
  • Tony Nese (77 days)
  • Buddy Murphy (184 days)
  • Cedric Alexander (181 days)

Most Title Reigns: Neville, Enzo Amore (2)

Most Days As Champion: Neville (231 days)

WWE NXT Champion: Adam Cole

Adam Cole and Undisputed Era
Adam Cole celebrates his title win with Undisputed Era. Pic credit: WWE

Johnny Gargano was the most over babyface in NXT history but things had slightly cooled off since he won the NXT Championship. As the man chasing the title, fans got behind him but when he reached the top of the mountain, some fans started looking for the next big thing.

It turns out that the next Big Thing was Adam Cole of Undisputed Era. The two men had an amazing match before in a 2-out-of-3 falls affair that Gargano won two falls to one. However, at NXT TakeOver 25 — the 25th TakeOver event, and the first not to include a WWE main roster PPV the same weekend, Cole won.

There are rumors that Johnny Gargano is headed to the main roster but he will likely get one shot to win his title back before leaving and right now, it is Adam Cole Bay-Bay as the new NXT Champion.

Current Champion: Adam Cole (June 1, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Johnny Gargano (56 days)
  • Tommaso Ciampa (237 days)
  • Aleister Black (109 days)
  • Andrade “Cien” Almas (140 days)
  • Drew McIntyre (92 days)

Most Title Reigns: Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura (2)

Most Days As Champion: Finn Balor (292)

WWE NXT Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley beat Shayna Baszler for NXT women’s title. Pic credit: WWE

Shayna Baszler held the NXT women’s title two times and she was the most dominant champion in the brand’s history. ‘s second time to hold the WWE NXT Women’s Championship. That made her loss to Rhea Ripley so great.

Ripley, the former NXT UK Women’s Champion looked dominant since coming to the United States and when she beat Baszler on NXT TV, it was a monster win and made Ripley one of the biggest stars in all of NXT.

Current Champion: Rhea Ripley (December 18, 2018)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Shayna Baszler (416 days)
  • Kairi Sane (71 days)
  • Shayna Baszler (133 days)
  • Ember Moon (140 days)
  • Asuka (523 days)
  • Bayley (224 days)

Most Title Reigns: Shayna Baszler (2)

Most Days As Champion: Shayna Baszler (548 days)

WWE NXT Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era

WWE NXT title changes hands at recent NXT television tapings
The Undisputed Era in WWE NXT. Pic credit: WWE

Most fans expected that, if the Undisputed Era were to win the NXT tag team titles again, it would have been at the last NXT TakeOver event. However, The Street Profits won that match, albeit pinning the wrong man in the ring.

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That allowed a rematch and in that match, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish won the titles in that match. With the Street Profits on Raw now, although in a backstage role, the UE are the champs again.

This is the third time the Undisputed Era have been NXT tag team champions and the second for Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.

Current Champion: Undispited Era (August 15, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Street Profits (75 days)
  • The War Raiders (109 days)
  • The Undisputed Era (219 days)
  • Tyler Bate and Trent Seven (23 days)
  • The Undisputed Era (202 days)

Most Title Reigns: Undisputed Era (3)

Most Days As Champion: The Undisputed Era (437+)

WWE NXT North American Champion: Roderick Strong

WWE NXT North American Championship
Roderick Strong is the NXT North American Champion. Pic credit: WWE

Roderick Strong finally won his first NXT singles title when he faced Velveteen Dream for the North American Championship and captured the title. It followed an impressive 209-day reign for the Dream.

The win put all major NXT titles in the hands of the Undisputed Era, who are easily the modern-day equivalent of the Four Horsemen. How long they keep the titles is another question.

Current Champion: Roderick Strong (Sept. 18, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Velveteen Dream (209 days)
  • Johnny Gargano (25 days)
  • Ricochet (161 days)
  • Adam Cole (133 days) — first champion

Most Title Reigns: Many wrestlers (1)

Most Days As Champion: Velveteen Dream (209 days)


WALTER beat Pete Dunn for WWE NXT Championship. Pic credit: WWE

The longest reigning champion in WWE was Pete Dunne on the NXT UK brand. He held his title for 685 days and no one else was even close to that length of dominance.

However, his reign came to an end at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn when he faced the monster WALTER, a man who outweighed him and might be the hardest hitter in all of WWE.

WALTER is now the champion and there aren’t many people in NXT UK who can match up to his pure strength and power.

Current Champion: WALTER (April 5, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Pete Dunne (685 days)
  • Tyler Bate (126 days) — first champion

Most Title Reigns: Tyler Bate, Pete Dunn, WALTER (1)

Most Days As Champion: Pete Dunn (685 days)

WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion: Kay Lee Ray

Katy Lee Ray
Katy Lee Ray as the new WWE U.K. women’s champion. Pic credit: WWE

The third NXT UK Women’s Champion won her title at the NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. Kay Lee Ray signed with NXT UK at the start of 2019, she made her debut in March, and her road to the title was fast.

Kay Lee Ray beat Toni Storm after a 231-day title reign at the UK TakeOver event and became the first person born in Scotland to ever win the title.

Current Champion: Kay Lee Ray (August 31, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Toni Storm (231 days)
  • Rhea Ripley (139 days) – The first champion

Most Title Reigns: Multiple names (1)

Most Days As Champion: Toni Storm (231 days)

WWE NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

WWE NXT tag team championships
Mark Coffey and Wolfgang are the new WWE UK tag team champions. Pic credit: WWE

While this has yet to air on WWE Network, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang won the WWE NXT UK Tag Team Championship from Flash Morgan and Mark Andrews at the latest NXT UK TV tapings.

Current Champions: Mark Coffey and Wolfgang  (Oct. 4, 2019)

Last 5 Champions:

  • Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews (34 days)
  • Zack Gibson and James Drake (231 days) – The first champions

Most Title Reigns: Multiple teams (1)

Most Days As Champion: Zack Gibson and James Drake (231 days)

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