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WWE announces headliners for 2020 WWE Hall of Fame

WWE announces headliners for 2020 WWE Hall of Fame
The nWo is headed to the WWE Hall of Fame. Pic credit: WWE

WWE issued a press release today that revealed the headliners for the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame. This is unusual, as WWE usually waits until after the Royal Rumble in January to slow leak the news.

However, in the press release, WWE announced that Batista and the nWo were the headliners for the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame.

The nWo in WWE Hall of Fame

For the nWo, the shocking news is that the four inductees are Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman.

While Hall, Nash, and Hogan are the original three, Sean Waltman was known in the nWo as Syxx because he was the sixth member to join the group. However, WWE feels he was more integral to the nWo, despite leaving WCW to return to WWE and rejoin DX only a short time later.

Long-time WCW fans might feel Eric Bischoff, who WCW revealed as the mastermind for the nWo would have been a better fit.

The nWo started in WCW when Scott Hall showed up unannounced on Monday Nitro and announced “they” were taking over. Soon, Kevin Nash joined him and the invasion of former WWE stars was underway.

The nWo officially became a thing when Hulk Hogan turned heel and joined Hall and Nash at Bash at the Beach 1996.

The former Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase then joined the group and then The Giant (The Big Show) joined as the fifth member. Finally, Syxx showed up as the latest WWE defector.

The nWo held the WCXW world title seven times, tag team titles 11 times, U.S. title 10 times, Cruiserweight title once, and TV title three times.

Batista in WWE Hall of Fame

Batista is no surprise. When he came back for his retirement match at WrestleMania this year, it was expected he would be an immediate WWE Hall of Fame inductee in 2020.

“Batista was one of the fastest rising stars ever in WWE with an incredible list of accolades,” Triple H said.

Those accolades include six world championships, four tag team championships, and two Royal Rumble wins.

Batista (real name: Dave Bautista) has since moved on to Hollywood, where he has starred as Drax in the MCU as well as taken on roles in Riddick, Blade Runner 2049, the James Bond movie Spectre, and the upcoming Dune.

WWE Hall of Fame takes place on Thursday, April 2 on WWE Network.

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