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WWE 24/7 Championship changes hands in the best way yet

WWE 24/7 Championship changes hands in the best way yet
Drake Maverick lost his 24/7 title to R-Truth at his wedding. Pic credit: WWE

The entire purpose of the WWE 24/7 Championship is to give wrestlers who are entertaining but not in the spotlight a chance to do something. It also creates unpredictability.

So far, it has been boring with most title chases taking place on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live.

There were three title changes that did things a little differently.

Jinder Mahal won the title from R-Truth on a golf course, but R-Truth quickly won it back. Jinder Mahal won the title at the airport and R-Truth won it back on the airplane.

However, the best WWE 24/7 title change ever just took place at a wedding.

Drake Maverick won the title this past week on SmackDown Live when he pinned R-Truth in a parking lot and drove away with the title.

However, Drake Maverick also got married this week (for real) to Renee Michelle. The two got married (EC3 was the best man) and then after the wedding, they brought in cameras and filmed a hilarious angle.

Yep, after Maverick and Michelle said, “I Do” and kissed, they turned to walk out together. Then a referee stood in the aisle, R-Truth wrapped up Maverick and pinned him. Then, as R-Truth ran off with the title, Maverick apologized to his new bride and gave chase.

Moments like this aren’t wrestling but it is fun and the fact that it played out on social media is great. Of course, WWE will show this on Raw next week and ram it down our throats, but for now, it was the best WWE title change of the year.

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