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WrestleMania 36 with no fans might be what WWE needs right now [Opinion]

WrestleMania 36 with no fans might be what WWE needs right now [Opinion]
WrestleMania 36 will have no fans in attendance. Pic credit: WWE
A lot of fans are not cool with WWE holding a pre-taped WrestleMania with no fans in attendance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most fans against it think that WWE should just shut down until this is over with — like other sports leagues and television productions.

However, in an ESPN interview, Triple H said that was never a consideration since they are there to help fans get their minds off the real-world problems.

Triple H said that WWE programming is there so people can lose themselves in entertainment for just a short period. That is what he said WrestleMania 36 is all about.

As professional wrestling fans are best at, they complain left and right about every single thing WWE does.

That might make this the perfect time to hold a WrestleMania without fans in attendance.

WWE fans sabotage the shows

The fans have always been an important part of WWE programming and professional wrestling in general.

When the fans blew the roof off the place when Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the arena, it was magic. It proved what WWE was doing was working.

The last time that really happened was when Daniel Bryan beat Triple H and Batista in the same night to win the WWE Championship. However, that rarely happens anymore.

These days, fans would rather chant “boring,” or other wrestler’s names during matches they are not involved with than focus on the people in the ring.

This is probably because WWE has not built a true star in a long time and those that they do push (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns), the fans reject for one reason or another.

No matter what WWE does and no matter who they push, fans deliver a backlash.

WrestleMania 36 is all about the stories

This year, there are no fans at WrestleMania 36. This means that fans can’t sabotage the shows, except on Twitter, and who really pays attention to what anyone says there?

Instead, it is up to the wrestlers to tell a story without the fans playing their role. This will not be easy for several of the wrestlers, but it could allow the crème to rise to the top.

John Cena and Bray Wyatt will battle in a Firefly Fun House match, apparently shot in a warehouse. This will be using Hollywood styled filmmaking, so that could be interesting — especially if Wyatt goes over.

Undertaker and AJ Styles are battling in a Boneyard match, which is in a graveyard setting. Once again, this will be cinematic, and Undertaker has wrestled in a lot of these matches over his career. It will hide his weaknesses and be better than what he has been doing lately in the ring.

This is a chance to see who really “gets it” in WWE without fans purposefully trying to get over themselves rather than letting the matches play out.

This can’t happen again for a major PPV. However, for WrestleMania 36, this might be the perfect time to try to hit the reset button for the future of the company.

WrestleMania takes place on Saturday and Sunday night on WWE Network.

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