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Who is Tyler Hastings on Monday Night Raw: Viking Raiders’ victim is actually an indie champion?

Who is Tyler Hastings on Monday Night Raw: Viking Raiders' victim is actually an indie champion?
Tyler Hastings lost on WWE Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: Tyler Hastings/Facebook

On WWE Monday Night Raw, it seemed like the show was trying to make The Viking Raiders babyfaces by having their opponents cut promos.

One of those men insulted the crowd by calling them Baltimorons.

While he looked nothing like what people expect from a professional wrestler, this man Tyler Hastings is actually a respected superstar.

Who is Tyler Hastings from Raw?

Tyler Hastings was the skinny guy with the long hair who almost fell out of the ring early in the match. He is also who The Viking Raiders destroyed in the ring before pinning.

So, who is Tyler Hastings?

Believe it or not, Hastings ranked #437 on this year’s PWI 500 list. Remember, this is the list that Seth Rollins took the number one spot on.

His name on the list is not Tyler Hastings but it is Tyler Awesome.

His write-up in Pro Wrestling Illustrated said he is a 24-year-old who honors his family’s history in athletic competition every time he steps into the ring.

Tyler’s grandfather was Harvey P. Hastings III and had black belts in both karate and judo. He won the World Heavyweight Kickboxing championships in 1973.

His father was Scott Hastings and was a second-degree brown belt in karate.

While he showed little talent outside of bumping like a lightweight against the Viking Raiders, he has been active in sports for much of his life and decided he wanted to be a professional wrestler instead of a martial artist.

Tyler Hastings said that he based his style and in-ring style on wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Brian Kendrick, and Tyson Kidd.

He has also enjoyed some big-time wins, despite his smaller stature. PWI reported he has wins over names like Ricky Reyes and Mike Law.

In December 2018, Tyler Hastings won the ECWA Heavyweight Championship when he beat Mike Law using the running shooting star and a 450 splash.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA Network.

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