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Who is Riddick Moss in WWE: Mojo Rawley introduces his new ‘offensive lineman’

Who is Riddick Moss in WWE: Mojo Rawley introduces his new 'offensive lineman'
Riddick Moss stands over Mojo Rawley and R-Truth on Raw. Pic credit: WWE

A new face showed up on Monday Night Raw tonight as Mojo Rawley came out to the ring for a 24/7 title defense and brought his “offensive lineman” Riddick Moss with him.

Fans of NXT know who Riddick Moss is, but here is a look at what you need to know if you only follow WWE Monday Night Raw.

Mojo Rawley’s offensive lineman

Mojo Rawley brought out Riddick Moss to be his offensive lineman in WWE when it comes to defending his 24/7 Championship.

This move is because Rawley wants to legitimize the 24/7 title, which is pretty much a joke to most of the WWE Universe.

For most of its existence, the 24/7 title has the champion running through the arena with a lot of undercard wrestlers chasing him, trying to win it. There has also been a pregnant woman as champion (Maria) and a few non-wrestlers as well.

Mojo Rawley wants to make people fight for it. He also knows that people like R-Truth like to sneak up on the champion and hit a fluke rollup to win the title.

That s where Riddick Moss comes in. He is there to watch the champ’s back in case someone tries a fluke win. That happened tonight on Monday Night Raw.

Mojo Rawley had a real match in defense of his 24/7 title against No Way Jose and won in under a minute. Then, as he celebrated, one of the people from Jose’s conga line came in and wrapped up Mojo to win the title.

It was R-Truth. However, as he celebrated, he found himself face to face with Riddick Moss. He then turned, and Rawley hit him with his finishing move to win back the title.

Who is Riddick Moss in WWE?

Riddick Moss was an NXT wrestler who was formerly in a tag team with Tino Sabbatelli from 2016-18. In 2019, he worked in a tag team with Dan Matha called The Outliers under manager Robert Stone.

However, now Riddick Moss is on Monday Night Raw.

Moss played football for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, which gives him a football history in common with Mojo Rawley. While Moss was a linebacker and not an offensive lineman, Mojo wasn’t a quarterback, as he called himself on Raw.

Riddick Moss signed with WWE in 2014 and immediately began working for NXT. Most of his time was in tag teams, competing against teams like American Alpha, #DIY, Heavy Machinery, The Revival, and the Street Profits, he never won a title in NXT.

Riddick Moss is 30, and his finishing move is the powerslam.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs at 8/7c on USA Network.