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Who is Michael Wardlow, the man promoted on AEW All Out

Who is Michael Wardlow, the man promoted on AEW All Out
Wardlow is coming to AEW. Pic credit: IWC

AEW All Out had a special promo between the Buy-In special and the main PPV. The promo was for a wrestler named Michael Wardlow.

He is coming soon to AEW on TNT.

Who is Michael Wardlow?

First up, here is the promo that AEW showed for Michael Wardlow during the AEW All Out PPV.

The promo started with a man and woman walking down the street together. They then found some thugs following them and causing some problems.

They turned around and the woman took off Wardlow’s shirt. He faced the four and when one threw a punch, he shook it off and started kicking the crap out of the attackers.

In the parking lot, he used his wrestling moves and then finished the fourth man off with a massive chokeslam onto the ground to end the fight before looking into the camera.

So, who is Michael Wardlow?

According to Cagematch, he is a 31-year-old wrestler who stands 6-ft, 2-inches and weighs in at 249 pounds. This is a big deal because a lot of fans have mentioned a lot of AEW wrestlers on the roster are smaller.

He has a background in boxing and jiu-jitsu and his finishing move in the past was the Splash Mountain Powerbomb.

His career started in 2014. Wardlow has competed in International Wrestling Cartel, Revenge Pro Wrestling, Warrior Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Premier Championship Wrestling, and Northeast Wrestling in 2019 alone.

He is the current Revenge Pro World Champion and held the world title in IWC three times over his career there and was also the IWC Super Indy Champion.

There is no word on what Wardlow will do in AEW, but it appears he will have a manager/valet by his side based on the promo video and that usually means he will debut as a heel.

AEW on TNT premieres on October 2.

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