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Who is Mansoor, the WWE superstar who won the 50-man battle royal at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia

Who is Mansoor, the WWE superstar who won the 50-man battle royal at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia
Mansoor won the biggest battle royal in history at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia. Pic credit: WWE

When WWE promised their largest battle royal ever at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, they needed to fill that ring with wrestlers. As a result, there were some big names in the match that everyone knows but who is Mansoor, the WWE superstar who won the match?

The WWE Super Showdown Battle Royal

When the match was getting ready to start, WWE had everyone go into the ring together and then had special personalized appearances for a few men, including The Miz, Cesaro, Samoa Joe, Titus O’Neil, and Elias.

Of course, Elias came down with his guitar and insulted everyone in the ring and the crowd as well in Saudi Arabia.

It was clear that Elias was going to play a major role in the match due to his arrogance. He would either get eliminated early on as revenge or he would make it to the end to light up the fans.

He made it to the end.

The final six included three babyfaces and three heels: Ricochet, Ali, Elias, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Mansoor.

One of those names don’t belong in that list, but shockingly, Mansoor and Elias were the final two and Mansoor won the WWE Super Showdown 50-man battle royal.

Who is Mansoor in WWE?

It was the right decision.

Mansoor is an NXT wrestler and trainee who is from Saudi Arabia. Honestly, children in the audience were crying tears of joy and the adults were incredibly excited as well.

This was a massive feel-good moment at an otherwise lackluster WWE PPV.

So, who is Mansoor?

He originally was known as Manny Faberino (Big Money Manny) and was part of a faction known as The Insiderz, working on the indie scene in California.

He made his debut in the WWE Universe when WWE held their first ever PPV event in Saudi Arabia last year with Greatest Royal Rumble. He was one of the four Saudi Arabian wrestlers that tossed Shawn and Ariya Daivari from the ring.

It was Mansoor that picked up a WWE developmental deal and made his debut last September for WWE NXT.

Here is a look at a highlight reel of Mansoor’s work in the indies:

Mansoor is the first wrestler from Saudi Arabia to ever sign with WWE but has had very little television time since signing, even on NXT’s WWE Network show.

However, when given the chance for the spotlight, he did what he promised he would do — he won the biggest battle royal in wrestling history.

After the match, Mansoor cut a fiery babyface promo and proved he has the personality and passion to make it in WWE. The question now is whether or not WWE will follow through with this win and give the Saudi Arabian superstar a push.

WWE Super Showdown is streaming on WWE Network.

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