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Who is Jacob Kasper, the latest top WWE recruit? Wrestling star compared to young John Cena

Who is Jacob Kasper, the latest top WWE recruit?
Jacob Kasper, who looks like he has big things ahead of him. Image credit: Duke University

The WWE has always closely watched collegiate athletes and it looks like they might have found their next top recruit. But who is Jacob Kasper, the young man that talent scout Gerald Brisco hopes to bring to the WWE?

It was ESPN that first reported that the WWE had a huge interest in the young Kasper, a collegiate wrestling superstar from Duke University. Finding stars in college that can transition to the WWE is not easy, but when they find one it is usually a monster signing.

Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin came from the University of Minnesota straight to the WWE. Even in the past, superstars like Dr. Death Steve Williams, Mike Rotunda (better known as IRS, the father of Bray Wyatt), Charlie Haas and Jack Swagger all came from college to the realm of professional wrestling.

Gerald Brisco, who had a hand in finding many of those young stars over his long career as a wrestler and trainer, hopes he has found the latest one with Jacob Kasper.

“I don’t recruit a prospect unless I think the person has the potential to main event WrestleMania,” Brisco told ESPN.

When looking at Kasper, Brisco said that he thinks he has found a star with the “powerful personality” to be a future WWE main event superstar. To really shine a light on what Brisco sees in the young man, he compared him to a young John Cena.

Jacob Kasper is also a life-long WWE fan, so unlike someone like Brock Lesnar who never cared for professional wrestling as a kid and only took the job for the money, Kasper brings love and respect with him.

“I always thought it would be awesome to perform at a WrestleMania in front of 90,000 fans,” Kasper told ESPN.

Kasper even initiated the original contact with Gerald Brisco after the WWE employee said on Twitter that he was scouting certain college talents. Kasper replied to that tweet by saying him and his teammate were “way better looking, charismatic, faster, and athletic” than the wrestlers that Brisco was scouting, which perked his attention.

Brisco sees “heel” tendencies in Kasper, who once called out the youngest gold medalist in history, Kyle Snyder. Kasper said he wanted to punch him in the mouth and they finally faced off at the 2017 NCAA wrestling championships semifinal round. Kasper lost, but his competitive nature was what mattered to Brisco.

Kasper even talked smack about UFC fighter Jon Jones on Twitter and that helped the youngster land the job of helping Daniel Cormier train with his wrestling skills leading to that particular UFC fight.

But who is Jacob Kasper, and is he worthy of being a future WWE superstar outside of his love to talk? Kasper is a two-time All-American. He won the ACC heavyweight title in 2018 and holds the Duke record with 37 wins in one season. He is second best in Duke history with 106 wins. In the U.S. Olympic trials in 2016, Kasper placed fifth.

Kasper is even considering another Olympic run in 2020, hoping to possibly follow the great Kurt Angle’s footsteps. Kasper is also smart, a three-time NCAA Academic All-American.

However, if there is one downfall, it is also his biggest strength. Jacob Kasper suffers from Crohn’s disease, an intestinal ailment that hampered his 2018 NCAA championships run. Despite this, Kasper fought through it and made it to the semifinals — once again against Kyle Snyder — where he put up a huge fight in the loss.

“Jacob making it to the semifinals despite his Crohn’s flare-up shows just how much character he has,” Brisco said.

Gerald Brisco has invited the young man to a WWE tryout in late June for the developmental organization at NXT. Brisco then said if Kasper signs with the WWE, he will personally spend more time training him than he has with any other prospect he has recruited.

If that happens, the entire world will learn exactly who Jacob Kasper is.

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