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Who is Baker Landon, the WWE employee Jordan Myles blasted on Twitter?

Who is Baker Landon, the WWE employee Jordan Myles blasted on Twitter
Jordan Myles. Pic credit: WWE

A huge controversy erupted online when WWE NXT superstar Jordan Myles took to Twitter to bury WWE, Triple H, and Vince McMahon about a shirt WWE made for him.

Myles posted a photo of the shirt and claimed WWE would regret designing it.

While WWE claimed that they looked at the Rolling Stones logo as inspiration, it was clear that what Myles saw was blackface.

Myles gave a different design and the shirt was never put on sale, with WWE going with one Myles didn’t prefer. However, Myles is now making the original design public.

After this, Myles went after more people and even attacked his former employer, Ring of Honor, calling their long-time champion Jay Lethal “Uncle Tom.”

He deleted that tweet, but here is a screencap of it.

Jordan Myles on Twitter
Jordan Myles blasts WWE and Ring of Honor. Pic credit: GoGoMyles/Twitter

That brought WWE superstar Titus O’Neal after him, who said that both sides were in the wrong, especially when Myles brought Lethal into the fight.

Then, Jordan Myles added to the conversation that it was a guy named Baker Landon who was to blame.

Who is Baker Landon in WWE?

Jordan Myles wanted to drag anyone into this fight that he could, from Jay Lethal and Ring of Honor to Vince McMahon and WWE. However, the latest post buried a man named Baker Landon.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Baker Landon is the Creative Services Coordinator for WWE.

According to Myles, Landon told him that Triple H liked the t-shirt but then he went to Triple H and learned that it was not a Triple H idea and he was told Myles liked the shirt.

Myles then deleted that tweet as well.

This goes against the original post claiming it was how Triple H saw him. It makes one wonder how much of the argument is accurate.

Barry Landon has only worked for WWE since August. He works as the talent manager for all NXT talents and helps create their logos, branding and merchandise concepts. He also manages wrestler’s projects and establishes and maintains its logos, brand aesthetics, style, and costuming.

This entire battle is getting ugly and one wonders where Jordan Myles might end up with WWE when all is said and done.

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