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Where is Lex Luger now: WWE mentions Total Package in Harley Race tribute

Where is Lex Luger now
Lex Luger was mentioned on Monday Night Raw this week. Pic credit: WWE

WWE offered a touching tribute to Harley Race on Monday Night Raw following his death last week.

During the tribute, WWE mentioned that Race was not only a former world champion but a great manager once his wrestling career ended. Harley Race managed Lex Luger and Vader to WCW world titles.

That caused some fans to wonder, where is Lex Luger now?

Where is Lex Luger?

At one point, Lex Luger was known as The Total Package and had one of the best bodies in professional wrestling.

When working for the NWA and WCW, Lex Luger held the world title twice on top of five United States title reigns, two WCW TV title reigns, and three tag team title reigns.

Lex Luger won his first NWA world title when he beat Barry Windham to fill the vacant title after Ric Flair quit and left for WWE. Luger’s second world title came in 1997 on Monday Nitro when he beat Hollywood Hogan.

However, since Lex Luger’s career comes to an end, he has suffered somewhat. The man who at one time slammed Yokozuna has changed a great deal.

In 2007, Lex Luger suffered nerve impingement in his neck, leading to temporary paralysis. While some claimed he would never walk again, he recovered by 2010 and was able to walk again.

Lex Luger has not appeared on WWE television since he quit to join WCW, although he did start working with WWE in 2011 on their Wellness Policy.

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