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When is Kevin Owens coming back to WWE: KO announces his return

When is Kevin Owens coming back to WWE: KO announces his return
When will Kevin Owens come back to the WWE? Pic credit: WWE

On WWE Monday Night Raw this week, the show answered the question of when is Kevin Owens coming back to the WWE.

The moment happened in a pre-recorded video that Owens sent in for fans to watch.

When is Kevin Owens coming back to WWE?

In the video, Kevin Owens started out by telling fans that he has spent his time away from the WWE since he had knee surgery to spend time with his family — his wife and son.

As a matter of fact, Owens was bowling with his family when he shot the video, his son was sitting behind him.

Owens explained that his return was coming up very soon. He then dropped the bomb that he might not be returning to Monday Night Raw, where he wrestled before his injury.

Instead, Owens said that the McMahon’s had not told him whether he would be on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live but wherever he returned to would become the Kevin Owens Show.

Then, Kevin Owens said when he was coming back to the WWE — and that time is sometime in March.

Owens then was up to bowl and told the fans to watch his greatness before throwing a gutter, causing his family some good laughs.

Kevin Owens WWE return

What will Kevin Owens do when he returns to the WWE?

The timing is interesting. Owens will be back, if his timetable is correct, a few weeks before WrestleMania 35. That makes it sound like Owens could take part in that big show — maybe the Andre the Giant Battle Royal?

Whatever he chooses to do, when Kevin Owens comes back to the WWE, he will be one of the top guys on any show he appears on.

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