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Watch The Shield reunite on WWE Monday Night Raw [VIDEO]

Watch The Shield reunite on WWE Monday Night Raw [VIDEO]
Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins save Dean Ambrose from 4-on-1 beatdown. Pic credit: WWE
Roman Reigns showed up on WWE Monday Night Raw to open the show and let the world know that after four months of treatment, his leukemia is in remission once again.

Most fans were happy to see Roman back, as he got the biggest pop in years. While he never said when he could return to the ring, it turned out to be a lot sooner than expected.

Roman Reigns returns to action

Later in the show, Dean Ambrose challenged Drew McIntyre to another match — interrupting Elias and his performance to do so.

McIntyre accepted the challenge and the two men turned in a great match. However, since he was still mad that Ambrose interrupted his performance earlier, Elias interferes and hits Dean with his guitar.

This allows Drew to pick up Dean, hit the Claymore Kick and get the win. After the match, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley came out and the three men start to beat the hell out of Ambrose.

Then, despite a blood feud last year, Seth Rollins runs out for the save with a chair but before he comes in, Roman Reigns music hits and he came out as well.

Reigns and Rollins clear the ring, with a Superman Punch to Lashley, another to Drew, Rollins takes out Elias and then Roman takes out McIntyre with a spear.

Rollins and Reigns then celebrate together and leave the ring, while Ambrose was still lying in the corner.

Then, Roman and Seth turn and look at Dean, who slowly gets up and looks back at them.

The Shield’s future

According to Fightful, WWE is planning on a Shield reunion for Fastlane next month.

Roman Reigns is going on Good Morning America in the morning to talk about his battle with leukemia and a big announcement is teased. Rumor is that it will be the match for Fastlane.

With Dean Ambrose leaving WWE in April, it looks like the company will get one more Shield match before he goes — with Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose battling Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and probably Elias.

WWE Fastlane takes place on March 10, 2019. Learn all the matches planned for this event so far on our 2019 PPV schedule page.

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