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Vince McMahon accused of disrespecting Rocky Johnson at his funeral, Johnson’s best friend comments on accusations

Vince McMahon accused of disrespecting Rocky Johnson at his funeral, Johnson's best friend comments on accusations
Did Vince McMahon disrespect Rocky Johnson at his funeral? Pic credit: WWE

The funeral for former WWE superstar Rocky Johnson took place on Tuesday and it ended up fuelling a lot of controversy thanks to a couple of former WWE wrestlers.

The funeral for Johnson, who passed away at the age of 75, was by invitation only. About 100 people showed up to pay their respects, and several people came up to talk about the late professional wrestling superstar.

Two of the men in attendance were WWE chairman Vince McMahon and one of the longest-tenured WWE employees in Pat Patterson. According to all reports, both men went up to talk about Rocky Johnson.

Rocky Johnson funeral controversy

The controversy started after the funeral when former WWE world champion Superstar Billy Graham posted some comments on Facebook. The post was made private, so it is impossible to show it in its original form, but there are screenshots of the post.

In his comments, Graham said that Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson both disrespected Rocky Johnson when they went up to deliver their speeches.

It should also be noted that Superstar Billy Graham is a disgruntled former WWE star and speaks ill of the company every chance he gets. He has also openly stated how little he likes Vince McMahon. It should also be noted that he did not attend but his mother-in-law did and the accusations came from her.

Here is what he said about Vince McMahon:

“Vince, who got up to speak and said the following, ‘ Rocky did 1 good thing in his life, he married Ata and had some kids. ‘ Then he did his ‘working strut’ off the platform and sat down and that was it.”

Graham then said that he and Pat Patterson used to team up to wrestle Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson. He said that Patterson said this:

“Out of no where Patterson goes into this rant and called Rocky Johnson, laying dead in the casket right below him, a mother F- er and started this vulgar rant about how worthless Rocky was and a bunch of guys had to drag Patterson off the church platform and sit him down.”

While this was Superstar Billy Graham ranting about something that he did not see in person, another man there backed him up.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. was there and said that:

“Vince said, ‘Rocky Johnson was a great wrestler, but the greatest thing he ever did was marry Ata [Johnson] and Ata had some kids.’ Then he [Vince] walked out of the building. Vince strutted on and off the stage like he was cutting a promo.”

However, that was not the end of the conversation.

Rocky Johnson’s best friend defends McMahon, Patterson

Devon Nicholson of Hannibal TV, who was the man who spoke to Davey Boy Smith Jr., also spoke to Rocky Johnson’s best friend, Al Rosen.

According to Rosen (in the video below), the entire thing was blown out of proportion.

Rosen said that everyone there, including Rocky Johnson’s family, was honored to have Vince McMahon in attendance for the funeral, which was attended by “99% wrestlers.” As a funeral for a wrestling star, in front of fellow wrestlers, Rosen said what McMahon said was not a big deal.

Rosen said McMahon was “the most direct.” He also said Johnson would have been happy with what McMahon said.

“He said exactly what Rocky would want somebody to say about him – he’s a talented, gifted worker. And he said the most, probably the best, thing he ever did, which he [Rocky] admitted to me hundreds of times, and that was marrying Ata, and then having a baby named Dwayne, and he also spoke of his other two kids.”

As for Pat Patterson, Rosen said no one “dragged him off the stage,” but they did cut his mic because he was talking for too long. Rosen did admit that Patterson used some adult language when talking about Johnson, but no one in the family was offended.

That family includes Johnson’s son, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“I’m telling you direct, as part of Rocky’s family for the last 43 years, we were honored to have every person that I named, and those that I did not name,” Rosen said.

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