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Undertaker shows up at WWE Super Showdown, wins match he wasn’t involved in, and sets up WrestleMania feud

Undertaker shows up at WWE Super Showdown, wins match he wasn't involved in, and sets up WrestleMania feud
Undertaker made his return at Super Showdown to start a feud with AJ Styles. Pic credit: WWE

WWE held its Super Showdown event on WWE Network today and had a mixed bag for fans.

The lowlight had to be the moment where Bill Goldberg came out of retirement to beat the hottest thing going on SmackDown today in The Fiend, Bray Wyatt., for the Universal Championship.

The only real reason that should happen is so Roman Reigns can face Goldberg at WrestleMania for the championship. WWE had to know that fans would side with the evil Fiend over Reigns if they faced.

With Goldberg cutting the legs off one of the top stars in the company, it could easily set up Roman Reigns to be the guy fans are behind heading into WrestleMania.

There was one other return as well.

Undertaker returns to WWE at Super Showdown

Undertaker made his WWE return at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia. That was not a surprise, as we reported yesterday that he would likely show up.

It was also to set up a match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania, which also was not a surprise as we reported that was the plans two weeks ago.

However, almost everyone believed that AJ Styles would win the gauntlet match to become the “best in the world” and then Undertaker would show up after the match to set up their WrestleMania showdown.

That isn’t what happened.

The match opened with R-Truth actually pinning Bobby Lashley with a fluke cradle in 5:40. After that, Lashley killed R-Truth.

R-Truth was 48.

But wait, just like Lazerus, R-Truth rose from the dead and ended up accidentally falling on Andrade after they bumped heads and got the three count.

Rowan came in next and just destroyed R-Truth. However, Rowan then used a foreign object and was disqualified. In 18 minutes, R-Truth took more of a beating than he has in the last decade.

AJ Styles was in next and he ended up finally making R-Truth tap out to the calf killer.

That left one man to come down to face a relatively fresh AJ Styles — Rey Mysterio. However, backstage, The OC had beaten down Rey and he can’t get to the ring. The referee starts the 10-count and if Mysterio didn’t come out, he would lose by forfeit.

The cameras went to the back and The OC were both laid out as well.

Then, Undertaker came out to the ring. Undertaker enters the ring, chokeslams AJ Styles without the Phenomenal One getting one single move, and then pins him.

Undertaker won the Tuwaiq Trophy in a match he wasn’t officially entered in.

WrestleMania: Undertaker vs. AJ Styles

As we previously reported, Undertaker will return to WrestleMania this year and his opponent is AJ Styles.

Rumors indicate that Undertaker handpicked AJ Styles because he felt that he could have a match similar to his two WrestleMania matches with Shawn Michaels.

AJ Styles is the closest WWE has to a Shawn Michaels now, and Undertaker seems reportedly excited about the possibility.

WWE WrestleMania takes place on April 5 at 7/6c on WWE Network.

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