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Triple H makes fun of AEW wrestling during his WWE Hall of Fame speech

Triple H makes fun of AEW wrestling during his WWE Hall of Fame speech
Triple H makes fun of AEW Wrestling. Pic credit: WWE

D-Generation X was the headliner for the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame and Triple H surprised fans when he took some pointed shots at AEW Wrestling.

This is most surprising because WWE refuses to accept AEW or any other wrestling promotion as competition.

It all started when he opened the WWE Hall of Fame induction speech by saying that he was the executive vice president and that must be important because if you put executive vice president in front of anyone’s name, it makes them feel important.

Of course, Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega are the executive vice presidents of AEW Wrestling.

He then took a bigger shot with Billy Gunn.

When Triple H said that if anyone thanked Vince McMahon, he would fire them. Billy Gunn joked that McMahon couldn’t fire him.

Billy Gunn works for AEW Wrestling as a producer.

Triple H looked at Gunn and said that he would buy “that piss-ant” company and fire him again.

Then, later in the WWE Hall of Fame induction speech, Triple H mentioned The Kliq.

The fans started chanting “Too Sweet Woo Woo” in the same form that they do for The Young Bucks and The Elite.

That is when Triple H said that he hated that. He said that when they did it, it was cool but the new version isn’t.

Before anyone thinks too much into this, while many WWE fans might not know about the company, they will surely be looking up info to see what Triple H was talking about in his speech.

It might be the best promotion that AEW wrestling has received, to date.

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