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TJP kills rumors on his WWE release and explains what really happened

TJP kills rumors on his WWE release and explains what really happened
TJ Perkins talks about his WWE release. Pic credit: WWE

TJ Perkins, who went by the name TJP in the WWE spoke about his release from the WWE last Tuesday and shot down some rumors about what happened.

Unlike Hideo Itami, who asked for his release last month, and Tye Dillinger, who asked for his release two weeks ago, TJP did not ask for or want his WWE release.

Instead, he admitted that it was the WWE who made the decision to let him go.

Why did WWE release TJP?

According to TJP, WWE felt that he didn’t fit into their plans at this time.

“I never believe in quitting,” Perkins said. “For months the mutual goal was to find a way for me to accomplish my goals on a bigger platform. Tuesday was the same. But inevitably that doesn’t fit into what they want to do. I’m only a cog in a big machine.”

TJP was a huge success story during the WWE Cruiserweight Classic that introduced the 205 Live division to WWE programming.

TJP won that tournament and was crowned the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion of the 205 Live division. His story was inspirational, as WWE revealed how he lived in his car as a teenager while trying to make it in professional wrestling.

His first reign as champ was a success but when Vince McMahon decided to move on to Neville, TJP refocused on becoming a heel. Then when Enzo Amore became champion, TJP disappeared completely.

After WWE fired Enzo Amore, TJP returned to television and was a solid veteran heel on 205 Live. However, he never really made much of a mark.

What about TJP’s new tattoos?

When TJP showed up on 205 Live on Tuesday and lost his televised match, he was covered in tattoos that he did not previously have.

Many speculated that the tattoos were why WWE released him since getting them without permission causes problems in toys, posters and other promotional material.

TJP shot that down as well.

“I mean, the boss thought they were pretty cool last Tuesday when we met,” TJP said, “…and also when he gave me permission to get them 6 months ago.”

TJP also said that his aggressive attitude about his placement on 205 Live did not play into his WWE release either.

“Boss said he respected my effort and diligence and it just didn’t fit what they wanted,” TJP said. “It’s not my call, and I’m cool with it.”

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