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The Shield officially reunites on Monday Night Raw, set up in a WWE Fastlane match

The Shield officially reunites on Monday Night Raw, set up in a WWE Fastlane match
The Shield reunited on WWE Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

The WWE did what everyone knew they were going to do on Monday Night Raw this week. Despite teasing it the entire episode, The Shield reunited for the WWE Fastlane PPV.

It all started when the show opened and Roman Reigns came to the ring. He said that it was time to take back “our yard” and then called out Seth Rollins.

Rollins came to the ring and said that he knows what Roman Reigns wants and he agrees that he deserves to be in the Universal title match.

However, Reigns said that was not what he wants. He believes in Seth and wants to see him beat Brock Lesnar. He has another favor and Seth said, “anything.”

Roman Reigns said that there are the rumors that Dean Ambrose is leaving soon and he wants to “get the band back together one more time,” meaning The Shield.

Seth said “anything but that.”

Reigns said that he needs to try harder. He reminds Seth that he knows how short life can be and they can’t hold grudges when it comes to brothers. He finally gets through and Rollins said he will do it.

They called out Dean Ambrose. He came out and stood at the top of the ramp, but before he could talk, Elias came out and smashed him with the guitar.

Reigns and Rollins raced up to Ambrose, but he left without a word.

Backstage later, both Reigns and Rollins tried to get through to him, but he blew them off.

Later, Ambrose wrestled Elias and lost. As he was lying in the ring, Rollins and Reigns came down again. They tried to recruit him for The Shield reunion one more time but he left, went into the crowd and climbed the steps to leave.

That is when Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre came out. They said that this was embarrassing and they were going to finish things. They attacked Reigns and Rollins and started the beatdown.

Ambrose battled in his own head and finally ran down to help his brothers. They cleared the ring, Reigns put out a fist and Rollins joined him. Ambrose was still battling the demons in his head and finally put his fist in as well.

This Sunday, at WWE Fastlane PPV, The Shield will reunite one more time to battle Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre.

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