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The real reason Vince McMahon features R-Truth so much on WWE television

The real reason Vince McMahon features R-Truth so much on WWE television
Vince McMahon loves everything about R-Truth. Pic credit: WWE

R-Truth has been getting a lot of TV time lately as the WWE 24/7 Champion, and there is a couple of reasons for that, but the big one is that Vince McMahon really loves to have R-Truth on television.

As mentioned previously, WWE had a poll asking fans their favorite WWE champion and R-Truth won the voting, beating out names like Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and Kofi Kingston.

Part of the reason he won is that he is so entertaining lately, especially with his defense, losing, and winning back the WWE 24/7 Championship. However, R-Truth has been entertaining for years, often coming out confused at where he is (arriving at Survivor Series and thinking it is the Royal Rumble).

Wrestling News spoke at length about what Vince McMahon sees in the 47-year-old R-Truth.

It turns out that McMahon respects Truth because he is willing to do anything asked of him, no matter how ridiculous it is. A source within WWE said that McMahon loves R-Truth because he not only does anything asked of him but puts everything that he has into it.

McMahon reportedly sees that R-Truth believes in his character and respects that. The source finished by saying that R-Truth has a job for life in WWE if he wants it because of this.

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