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The new WWE hemp belt: All you need to know about Daniel Bryan’s new title

WWE Championship
Daniel Bryan holding up his new WWE hemp belt. Pic credit: WWE

Daniel Bryan and his new accomplice Erick Rowan came out on WWE SmackDown Live this week and shocked the WWE Universe with a new WWE hemp belt.

Bryan was cutting a promo in his new heel persona as an eco-friendly heel and shamed everyone for their part in destroying the environment. He then said he was a hypocrit.

Bryan said that he was a hypocrite for carrying around the WWE World Championship belt that was made out of the hide of a poor cow. He even named the cow Daisy.

Bryan then had Rowan bring in a trashcan and threw the WWE title in the garbage before revealing his new version of the WWE Championship — a WWE hemp belt, made out of “100 percent sustainable organic hemp.”

The new WWE hemp belt is nothing new

Fans were buying into every minute of this promo. When AJ Styles came out and dressed down Bryan for throwing the prestigious WWE championship in the garbage and asking if he smoked the prototype.

It was funny, but not new.

When Stone Cold Steve Austin won the WWE title, the WWE changed the belt to include the rattlesnake that signified Austin’s character. When John Cena won the title, they replaced the belt with a “spinner” plate to represent Cena’s hip-hop lifestyle.

This is just another instance of the WWE tailoring the title towards the wrestler they are building around the title.

As Bryan said, the WWE hemp belt is the title that he has always wanted.

All you need to know about the WWE hemp belt

Daniel Bryan is an eco-heel. This is an interesting gimmick and is very similar to the heel runs of both CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

Remember when Punk was the leader of the Straight Edge Society and promoted his straight edge lifestyle? Punk didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs and was proud of it.

There is nothing wrong with that and it is a great lifestyle to live, but CM Punk talked down everyone else because they didn’t live that same lifestyle.

Chris Jericho often said that the best heels are the ones who tell the truth and the fans hate them for it. He did that all the time when he called men like Shawn Michaels hypocrites and everything Y2J said was true, but it was the way he said it that made him a heel.

Now, Daniel Bryan is telling everyone the truth about how society is destroying the environment and he is right. But, the way he is saying it as a holier than thou zealot makes him the heel.

The WWE hemp belt is perfect for that gimmick. BBC reports that the new WWE championship is made out of 100 percent sustainable organic hemp and was carved from naturally-fallen oak trees.

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