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The Miz showing up at WWE Performance Center sick is what caused Roman Reigns to leave

The Miz has a lot of heat backstage in WWE after showing up at Performance Center sick
The Miz showed up to work sick and it caused huge problems. Pic credit: WWE

The Miz has been in WWE for a long time and is one of their top stars when it comes to promotions and working as the face of the company.

However, it looks like Miz might have done something that could put his status with the company on the line.

Miz showed up to work sick — in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Miz removed from WrestleMania 36

While Friday Night SmackDown promised a three-way match for the tag team titles between Miz & John Morrison, The Usos, and New Day, that match won’t happen.

Miz showed up to work sick.

Not only that, but Wrestling Observer Radio reported that whatever symptoms he had caused WWE doctors to advise him to leave.

While there is no word on if Miz has coronavirus or was just feeling under the weather with a typical illness, he was seen close to wrestlers like John Morrison, Zack Ryder, and Chelsea Green.

This was from last week, and the WWE superstars were clearly not practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

With Miz sick, there has to be some hope that he does not have coronavirus because this photo shows a great way it could be passed on to his fellow WWE superstars.

Miz facing heat backstage

Now, Wrestling Observer Online reports that The Usos were very upset when they heard that The Miz showed up sick.

This makes sense because their cousin, Roman Reigns, is immunocompromised due to his leukemia. Reigns already pulled out of WrestleMania 36 due to this reason.

Now, it turns out that The Miz showing up at the Performance Center sick is the main reason that Roman Reigns chose to pull out of WrestleMania 36. The Usos let him know and then Reigns made the call.

“Roman Reigns made the call himself. It was interesting because he was there and made the call,” Meltzer said. “It had to do in some form with Miz being sick and The Usos not being happy about it.”

This makes sense as Roman Reigns is family and he has a wife and children. He just beat leukemia for the second time and Miz showing up sick, despite knowing about the coronavirus pandemic, was reckless.

Before Miz, two other superstars had already had to pull out of WrestleMania 36 due to quarantine issues. Both Rey Mysterio, who was scheduled for a U.S. title match, and Dana Brooke, who was in the SmackDown women’s title match, are in quarantine.

WrestleMania 36 takes place on April 4 and 5 on WWE Network.