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Sting reportedly considering return to ring for ‘one more match’ in WWE

Sting reportedly considering return to ring for 'one more match'
Sting could be returning to the ring for one more match. Pic credit: WWE

Sting didn’t go out the way he wanted to when he wrestled Seth Rollins for the world title in WWE and ended up injuring his neck and requiring surgery. He never wrestled another match.

Sting also said that he felt he could still wrestle one more match, and now Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that it might come true.

Sting returning to WWE for one more match?

Sting was interviewed recently and said he might consider coming back for one more match in WWE, but only if he could wrestle the one dream match that he always wanted to compete in.

That match was highly unlikely, even though it would be the main event match at any WrestleMania.

Now, it seems that the match could happen, but in Saudi Arabia rather than WrestleMania.

Mike Johnson, who is a reporter who has an actual relationship with WWE when it comes to interviewing men like Triple H and garnering their respect, said that Sting might be coming back for the next WWE event in Saudi Arabia.

That event will take place in February, following the Royal Rumble, and Johnson said that Sting will play “a significant part” in the event.

Over the last 24 hours, several sources within WWE have told that there’s been a lot of talk that WWE Hall of Famer Sting will be a major part of the 2/27 Saudi Arabia event next month, possibly even returning to the ring for one more match.

The WWE Dream Match finally happening?

Now, as mentioned, Sting said he only had an interest in returning to the ring if it was for a dream match — with The Undertaker.

However, Johnson said that the creative idea did not include Undertaker.

The reports indicate that Sting will be in Houston tonight during the Royal Rumble to “get the ball rolling.” Interestingly, Undertaker was also spotted in Houston over the weekend as well. John Cena also teased an appearance.

The idea of Sting vs. Undertaker in Saudi Arabia is not far-fetched either.

At the second Saudi Arabia WWE event (Nov. 2, 2018), Shawn Michaels came out of retirement after a decade for a dream match between DX and the Brothers of Destruction.

At the third Saudi Arabia WWE event (June 7, 2019), Goldberg fought the Undertaker in a once in a lifetime dream match.

The fourth Saudi Arabia WWE event (Oct. 31, 2019) saw two spectacle matches. The first saw Brock Lesnar face the man who beat him in UFC, Cain Velasquez, in a WWE title match. The second match saw Braun Strowman battle world boxing champion, Tyson Fury.

Sting vs. Undertaker would be a surprise that would be par-for-course in Saudi Arabia as far as WWE is concerned.

The next WWE event in Saudi Arabia is on February 27 and will air live on the WWE Network.

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