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Steve Austin responds to the idea that Becky Lynch is the new version of Stone Cold

Becky Lynch and Stephanie McMahon in the WWE
Becky Lynch and Stephanie McMahon square off on Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin was asked if he thought that Becky Lynch reminded him of himself and he agreed with that sentiment.

Almost no one gets the overwhelmingly positive reaction that Lynch does when she comes to the ring. It is very similar to the reaction that Stone Cold got back in the Attitude Era.

“She has willed herself, she has worked her ass off,” Austin told MMA Tonight (via Wrestling Inc). “Studied the game, she got hot, then been cooled off. She’s got a little bit of attitude behind her, got a little ticked off and said, ‘Hey man, I’m gonna be a star.”

It is exactly how Austin went from being the Ringmaster to Stone Cold.
Austin also pointed out another strong similarity between him and Lynch.

No one thought Austin would be the biggest star in the company when he came in on the mid-card as The Ringmaster.

“If you line up that women’s roster and you lineup that roster back in the day when I was still in the ring, and you said, ‘Hey, I need you to pick out my next breakout Superstar.’ I don’t think your gonna pick out Becky Lynch and I damn sure know you wouldn’t pick me out of that lineup,” Austin said.

The WWE seemes to recognize this as well since they have started an angle where the McMahon family has started screwing over Lynch — a copy of the classic Stone Cold vs. Mr. McMahon angle.

Since Stephanie McMahon is part of this, Lynch has someone she can strike back against. It is also one of the first times that someone has legitimately been able to fight back against Stephanie and her reign of terror.

With that said, Steve Austin said that Becky Lynch is “money” in her role as The Man.

“I’ve loved what she’s done, I love what she’s doing,” Austin said. “I like her swagger. And she’s the hottest thing going right now… ‘The Man’ I love this gimmick, if you’re a young lady, calling yourself ‘The Man’ just like Ric Flair used to be—’To be the man, you gotta beat the man’—but, this is a whole different entity with the way Becky presents it, and obviously, she’s a female, it’s an awesome gimmick and it’s money.”

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