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Stephanie McMahon says that AEW will force WWE to be the best that it can be

    Stephanie McMahon says that AEW will force WWE to be the best that it can beStephanie McMahon talks about the impact of AEW. Pic credit: WWE

Vince McMahon has never publicly mentioned or spoken of AEW. Triple H made fun of it at the WWE Hall of Fame this year but has made it clear that AEW is not real competition for WWE.

Stephanie McMahon just went against the grain and said something that sounds like she knows what AEW will mean for WWE and professional wrestling in general.

While speaking to for a rapid-fire question interview clip, they asked her about AEW.

“You know, I think it’s going to force everybody to be the best that they can,” McMahon said about AEW.

As expected, she never once mentioned competition, which at this time, AEW is not competition for WWE. As AEW president Tony Khan said on this week’s Stone Cold Podcast with Steve Austin, they know that they will share their audience with WWE and he just wants to provide something different.

However, with Dean Ambrose leaving WWE for AEW and other wrestlers wanting out of their WWE deals to head to AEW as well, there is a competition for talent. AEW has a billionaire as their owner who is actually wealthier than Vince McMahon.

That is a form of competition – not for TV ratings but for talent.

As McMahon realizes, and Jim Ross mentioned this as well, competition makes everyone better. AEW is coming in strong and is on a major cable network on prime time. If they build a fan base, it will force WWE to pick up their game. Everyone will have to be at their best in this scenario.

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