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Seth Rollins starts online war with everyone, calling WWE ‘best pro wrestling on the planet’

Seth Rollins starts online war with everyone
Seth Rollins insulted an indie wrestler online in a recent rant. Pic credit: WWE

Seth Rollins is the face of WWE right now as its Universal Champion, and he knows that he is the man who has to help bring fans in to watch the product.

After WWE Stomping Grounds had one of the worst turnouts of any WWE PPV in a very long time, Rollins took to Twitter in what looked like a mix of a frustrating rant and a “rah-rah” moment.

That is fine, as it is Rollins job to put over WWE regardless of the actual quality of the product. However, in this case, Rollins had a big reason to get excited.

WWE Stomping Grounds had outstanding wrestling action, a massive turnaround from the terrible Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

Rollins even did what a good champion should do — he put over other talents in the company, specifically the cruiserweights who worked the Kickoff Show and put on a great performance.

Of course, Rollins works for a company in WWE that has in the past said they don’t want people referring to them as a pro wrestling and see their talent as sports entertainers.

Sadly, when people started chatting back with Rollins about that comment, he got personal and started throwing around insults.

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When Rollins asked people to find anyone else alive that did as much as he did as well as he did, Will Ospreay said he was alive.

Instead of acknowledging that Ospreay is a great wrestler too, he insulted him, calling the wrestler a “little guy” and saying WWE has a better version of him already named Ricochet.

So, Rollins went from being a cheerleader for WWE to being a complete jerk to someone who said that he did what Rollins does at the same level.

When Ospreay later said that he worked more matches in 2018 than Rollins (the part Rollins said about “as much as he does”), Rollins then asked to compare bank accounts and said he was hurt for part of the year.

When wrestling journalist Wade Keller asked Seth Rollins about the “goodwill” by WWE when it comes to him insulting independent wrestlers, Rollins said he didn’t care about goodwill and backed up his bad attitude by saying Ospreay deserved it for daring to think he is as good as Rollins is.

Will Ospreay then decided to make his bank account bigger by selling “little guy” shirts.

Will Ospreay also gave the best tweet of them all when he posted this:

Ospreay simply pointed out that these three wrestlers in the photo were from different companies who bust their butts to be great and are happy and respect each other — regardless of the company they work for.

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Respect is a word that Seth Rollins might want to look up the definition of.

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