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Seth Rollins explains what really motivates Brock Lesnar in WWE

Seth Rollins explains what really motivates Brock Lesnar in WWE
Brock Lesnar beating down Seth Rollins. Pic credit: WWE

Seth Rollins took part in an interview with The National and talked about a variety of topics, including who he would like to wrestle from NXT, his opinion of AJ Styles, and what motivates Brock Lesnar the most in WWE.

While the big joke would be that money is the one thing that motivates Lesnar, Rollins was talking about what makes The Beast really step up in certain situations.

According to Rollins, Lesnar is more motivated when he is not a champion, so having him chasing a title right now might be for the best.

“Not many guys in WWE history have been able to put Brock Lesnar’s shoulders to the mat and pin him in the middle of the ring,” Rollins said, referring to his WrestleMania 35 win. “I am going to have to go against him at least one more time before we kick him to the curb. He seems extra motivated when he is not the champion so maybe that is a good thing.”

To really see what Rollins is talking about, look at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia where Lesnar ran in and took a ton of stiff chair shots from Rollins. There was also the Monday Night Raw where Lesnar came out with the briefcase, pretending it was a boombox.

Brock Lesnar can be entertaining and he knows how to make money for WWE but he seemed unmotivated most of the last two years when he held the Universal Championship.

As far as Seth Rollins is concerned, the best Brock Lesnar right now in WWE would be the one chasing him for the title.

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