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Seth Rollins completes heel turn, turns on fans, joins sides with AOP

Seth Rollins completes heel turn, turns on fans, joins sides with AOP
Seth Rollins and AOP. Pic credit: WWE

Seth Rollins appeared to turn heel a few weeks back when he insulted Rey Mysterio and his son, among other WWE stars. However, many fans lived in a state of denial and rejected the idea that Rollins was really bad.

That all changed this week.

Seth Rollins completed his heel turn on Monday Night Raw tonight. After AOP beat down Kevin Owens in the back, Seth Rollins emerged from AOP’s van and then hit the Curb Stomp on the concrete in the parking garage.

After this, Rollins came to the entrance ramp and cut a huge, passionate promo.

Rollins said that he is upset because everything he did, he did it for the fans and they never appreciated it. He said that he beat Brock Lesnar for the title to bring a fighting champion back to Monday Night Raw and he did it for the fans.

However, he then said in today’s WWE, that wasn’t enough. The fans cheered for him to make it to the top and then turned on him when he got there.

Rollins then said he had nothing to do with AOP attacking Kevin Owens that first night on Monday Night Raw and the fans called him a liar because of a “blithering idiot” and “flavor of the month” who couldn’t “lace his boots” calling him a liar (Kevin Owens).

Seth Rollins said he let it slide but as the weeks went on, the fans kept turning on him. Therefore, since telling WWE fans the truth isn’t good enough, he will allow their fiction to become their reality.

With that statement, Seth Rollins announced that he has chosen to stand side-by-side with the AOP. After this, the AOP came out to their music and stood by Rollins’ side. After a quick pose, Rollins turned and left and AOP followed.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network at 8/7c on Mondays.

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