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Scott Dawson responds to WWE fans who lashed out at The Revival for asking for release

WWE News: The Revival start petition online for fair treatment on Raw
The Revival wants their WWE release. Pic credit: WWE

We reported yesterday that The Revival asked for their release from WWE, but were denied.

Now, it appears that fans are lashing out at Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder for asking for their release and Dawson has responded to the complaints.

The Revival ask for their WWE release

As we reported yesterday, The Revival allegedly asked for their WWE release but the company denied the requests. Despite that, both men’s contracts expire this summer.

If Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder work to the end of their contracts, they can go where ever they want as soon as the end of their deals. That means, as a tag team, they could show up somewhere else by June.

The reports indicate that The Revival turned down big-money offers, including a $500,000 per year deal and a $700,000 per year deal, the latter of which helped keep Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in WWE.

These were just rumors, but based on a recent social media comment by Scott Dawson, it sounds like the release request was true.

Scott Dawson comments on WWE release request

Once the news of The Revival asking for their WWE release hit the Internet, it was clear that some fans blasted The Revival on social media.

That caused Scott Dawson to say something very smart:

“If we settle, you guys say we’re lazy & complacent. If we try to be better, you guys say we’re whining & complaining. Make up your mind.”

It is one of the problems in WWE today. Half of the fans want to see wrestlers like The Revival thrive. Half of the fans don’t care one way or the other about the wrestlers and almost feel they owe the fans their lives and careers.

When a wrestler is not pushed, many fans call out their disdain and demand the wrestler be pushed. When that wrestler is pushed, just as many people complain that they don’t want them pushed.

WWE fans, in general, don’t seem to agree on anything.

In the case of The Revival, there seem to be fans who feel they should remain with WWE and do nothing but play the role of loyal employees, never allowed to leave to better themselves.

As soon as the news that The Revival was considering leaving WWE, those fans apparently started to complain.

The Revival’s success in WWE

The Revival has had success in WWE. They are the only tag team to ever hold the NXT, SmackDown, and Raw tag team titles.

However, look at their contemporaries and it is easy to see that, on the whole, WWE doesn’t care about tag teams.

In NXT, the tag team scene is hot and thriving — it always has.

One of The Revival’s best rivals in NXT was American Alpha. It was like the Rock N Roll Express and the Brain Busters. American Alpha came up to the main roster, got the smallest of pushes, and then WWE broke them up.

Sanity held the NXT tag titles for over 100 days and was hugely over. WWE called them up and then never even put them on TV.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were a monster tag team in NXT as the Wyatt Family and got a nice push as The Bludgeon Brothers. Sadly, Vince McMahon saw nothing in Harper and now he is gone and about to debut in AEW.

The Authors of Pain are the muscle for Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy, a makeshift tag team championship team.

The Undisputed Era has to pray that they never move to Raw or SmackDown and The Revival had every right to want to better themselves by leaving WWE.

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