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Sasha Banks injury: Cryptic social media posts hint at mysterious injury for WWE superstar

Sasha Banks injury: Cryptic social media posts hint at mysterious injury for WWE superstar
Sasha Banks has a mystery injury and WWE fans want to know what it is. Pic credit: WWE

Sasha Banks has been one of the top women wrestlers in the world and is about to enter the WWE all women’s Evolution pay-per-view with a mysterious injury.

According to some social media posts, it sounds like Banks is injured and there is no word on what is wrong with the WWE Raw superstar.

Alexa Bliss had to pull out of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge due to an injury, with Ember Moon replacing her. Now, Sasha Banks has pulled out as well as Bobby Lashley’s partner — also due to an injury.

Mickey James replaced Sasha Banks.

With the injury, there is a chance that Sasha Banks will miss the all women’s WWE Evolution pay-per-view.

In a Twitter post, Banks left a vague message for her fans, saying that she has some hope that her faith in God will help her get through this.

Sasha Banks then posted a photo on Instagram that was just some beautiful nature shots. Shortly after that, her husband also posted a photo as well that showed Banks walking in similar looking foliage.

The good news is that Sasha Banks was walking down a road in that second photo. Also, it was nice to see Mikaze say that he will be there with her no matter how long the road to recovery is.

With that said, there is still no word from Sasha Banks or the WWE as to what her actual injury is. It was bad enough to take her out of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, but she is still able to walk so that is maybe good.

The last time that Sasha Banks wrestled was on Sept. 9 at a WWE Live house show. With Banks hurt, the worst thing for the wrestler could be missing out on the first all women’s pay-per-view in WWE history in four weeks.

Hopefully, the injury isn’t worse than expected, though, as Paige is a perfect example of what happens when a wrestler faces a career-ending injury.

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