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Sami Zayn name drops AEW on WWE Monday Night Raw

Sami Zayn name drops AEW on WWE Monday Night Raw
Sami Zayn mentioned AEW on Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

In a shocking moment, Sami Zayn was in the middle of an in-ring segment with Corey Graves and name-dropped AEW out of nowhere.

This comes two days after AEW had their first-ever PPV with AEW Double or Nothing on Saturday night. In that episode, the announcers mentioned El Generico, which was Sami Zayn’s pre-WWE character.

Sami Zayn was in the middle of a segment called the Electric Chair which saw Corey Graves in the ring with him while WWE announcers went around the ring and had fans ask him questions.

It was obvious that the fans were given the questions to ask (the last guy barely was able to coherently ask his right — a little girl did better). The last guy asked why he hasn’t won the Universal title yet.

Sami then started to insult the crowd and said they could have asked him anything. They could have asked him about his love life. They could have asked if he was a good kisser (he said the answer is yes).

“You could ask me about AEW.”

That caused the entire crowd to yell “ohhhh!” and then an “AEW” chant started. Corey Graves quickly tried to start talking but it was too late.

That is when Seth Rollins music started. Rollins, the current Universal Champion, came to the ring looking mad. Maybe it was partly because Zayn dismissed the title and partially because fans know that Rollins best friend Dean Ambrose has left WWE for AEW.

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This also isn’t the first time for Sami Zayn who took to Twitter under his old El Generico account during AEW Double or Nothing to compliment them.

Whatever the reason, WWE either allowed Sami Zayn to mention “AEW” on WWE television for the first time or Zayn went off script on a live episode of Monday Night Raw and might be in for a hard time after this.

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