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Rusev calls out WWE fans for negativity following Raw wedding angle

Rusev calls out WWE fans for negativity following Raw wedding angle
Rusev speaks out about fan complaints about wedding angle. Pic credit: WWE

For fans who hoped that the Lana/Rusev/Bobby Lashley cheating and wedding angle would result in Rusev fleeing WWE when his contract expires, think again.

It seems Rusev is tired of people bashing the soap opera-styled angle and is speaking out about it.

After last week’s wedding angle on Monday Night Raw gained nice ratings in the main event spot and then saw over 10 million views on YouTube, Rusev believes it is something fans want to see.

While it is true that the online social media complainers are usually the vocal minority, it seems that Rusev sees the complaints about this angle as just negativity to be negative.

While appearing on Jerry “The King” Lawler’s podcast, Rusev seemed happy with what they have achieved with the cheating and wedding angles on Monday Night Raw.

“You can put the greatest segment in the history [of WWE on], but they’ll be the 3% of people that are gonna go ahead and bash it. And hey, you have your right. Go ahead and express it. I’m not gonna judge you for it.”

While no one in their right mind will ever call the Bobby Lashley and Lana wedding the greatest segment, it seems a lot of people wanted to see it — if for nothing more than to see how tacky it would get.

However, those numbers have people like Vince McMahon, Booker T, and now Rusev, believing that it is what people want to see on WWE television.

“It proves that this works, right? It started such a long time ago,” Rusev said. “This is putting time and thought and everything into it. It’s just ‘Hey, let’s do it now, let’s finish it tomorrow.’ No. It takes time, people. Just sit back, relax and enjoy it.”

At the end of the day, Rusev seems to be happy with the crash TV aspects of the cheating scandal because he explained WWE is not just wrestling, but entertaining millions of people.

He did have one challenge for WWE fans. He said that he has no problem with people bashing the angle and hating it, but he wants to see more positivity on the internet.

“I want to issue a challenge to the WWE universe. And everybody out there, just in general. When you want to put something negative, go ahead. Do it. But follow up with 10 positives. It doesn’t have to be about this. But something good, so we all utilize social media not in a negative way, not just to express frustration, but also positive vibes next to that. Because why don’t everybody want to be more positive. We should all be more positive.”

WWE Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network at 8/7c.

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