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Ronda Rousey heel turn praised by numerous WWE legends

Ronda Rousey hell turn praised by numerous WWE legends
Legends talk Ronda Rousey heel turn. Pic credit. WWE

Ronda Rousey turned heel on Monday Night Raw, telling the WWE Universe that she didn’t care about them and that she was going to disrespect WWE from this point on.

While a lot of fans online blasted Rousey’s heel turn, and many pointed out that her calling WWE “fake” was going over the line, there are some people who thought her promos and the video she released later was brilliant.

Kurt Angle on Ronda Rousey heel turn

Kurt Angle pointed out that the Ronda Rousey heel turn was great for her. According to Angle, her change in attitude showed her “depth of persona and understanding of the business.”

This was all done in a Facebook Q&A.

“Ronda will learn very quickly how to be a heel in the ring, which means she will be bumping a lot more than before,” Angle said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Bully Ray on Ronda Rousey heel turn

When it comes to Ronda Rousey mocking professional wrestling as being fake, WWE Hall of Fame superstar Bully Ray said that is not a problem to him.

This came on SiriusXM Busted Open radio.

“I don’t even have to explain it for you to see how genius it really is because Dave [Lagreca] already explained it. You said you were happy, you were mad, you were sad, frustrated. A one-minute promo took you on a rollercoaster of emotions and now you want to see this match even more,” Bully Ray said. “Job done. It doesn’t matter how they get the job done, only that it gets done.”

Bully Ray also said that, if anyone can pull off this type of promo as a heel, it is Ronda Rousey since everything coming out of her mouth is “legitimate.”

He pointed out this would have worked the same if Kurt Angle had said the same thing in his rookie year or if Ken Shamrock said it when coming over from UFC.

“Would it have worked?,” Bully Ray asked. “Of course it would because they come from a different world. It’s all they know and if they were so mad about the world of sports entertainment [then that’s how they would react].”

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