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Roman Reigns talks health after leukemia remission

Roman Reigns talks health after Leukemia remission
Roman Reigns talks his health after leukemia remission. Pic credit: WWE

Last year, Roman Reigns was on top of the world. He had finally won the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar and the sky was the limit.

Then, leukemia reared its ugly head.

What Roman Reigns fans didn’t know, nor did almost anyone in WWE, was that he had leukemia as a young man but it had been in remission for years.

Now, it was back and Roman Reigns had to step away from WWE to undergo treatment to try to beat it again.

Luckily, he had beaten it once and thankfully conquered it again. During his remission, his cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, got him a role in a movie to help out somewhat and then Reigns made his comeback to WWE.

It has now been five months since leukemia went into remission again and Reigns spoke to the Pensacola News Journal about how things are progressing since remission.

Reigns admitted that he feels “really good” since going into remission once again. He also said that it was nice to get a new perspective on getting things done.

“When you’re in a position like I’ve been in for a while, you’re just trying to look out for everybody and make sure your family’s all good,” Reigns said. “Sometimes you can lose track of yourself, sometimes you can put yourself on the back burner. It was really nice to see everybody drop the character and just pick up the man behind the character. Everybody got behind Joe.”

Reigns said that experience — the people just getting behind him and supporting him — was more than he could have asked for.

As for his health since the remission, Reigns said that he has been “killing it lately” when it comes to getting back into fighting shape.

He said that it was hard coming back and the transition to the ring was not easy, causing him to lean a little more on The Shield until he got his footing back.

“Over the past few months now, I’ve really been able to hone in and take my time, work through things, and get my feet down back solid to where I’m rooted in my routine,” Reigns said. “Everything’s just running on all cylinders now, it’s smooth.”

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