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Roman Reigns speaks out on Jon Moxley’s comments about WWE

Roman Reigns speaks out on Jon Moxley's comments about WWE
Roman Reigns talks Jon Moxley. Pic credit: WWE

After Jon Moxley went onto a pair of podcasts after signing with AEW, he let the world know why he left WWE and why he was not happy there for the final years of his career.

Moxley pointed out goofy storylines he was forced to do and how when he tried to talk to Vince McMahon about the promos he had to cut, he was dismissed because McMahon thought they were great.

Seth Rollins has already said that he doesn’t appreciate Moxley dissing his time in WWE, basically saying Moxley should just shut up about anything that bothered him about his previous job.

However, in an interview with ESPN, Roman Reigns had a different outlook on what Moxley said. Reigns didn’t believe that Moxley had no pull when it came to changing things and he just didn’t fight for his promos hard enough.

Reigns pointed out how Moxley refused to cut a promo insulting Reigns concerning his leukemia battle. Roman said that Moxley refused to deliver those lines and didn’t get in trouble or fired for it.

“You didn’t say the stuff, and nothing happened. You didn’t get fired, so you don’t have to do any of that stuff,” Reigns said. “If you don’t really want to do it, you have to speak up for yourself. That’s the key to this business. That’s a bit contradictory in my mind right there. If you chose not to say that one thing, why can’t you choose to say another thing?”

However, while Rollins basically said that Moxley was now the enemy and WWE will “knock them dead just like we do everybody else.”

Reigns laughed at that, calling Rollins an “ultra-alpha male.” However, Reigns has a different outlook on Moxley.

“I love the dude, man. We came from the bottom and got to where we are now, and he’s a huge part of that,” Reigns said. “No type of business rivalry or any of that crap will ever affect the personal relationship I have with either Seth or Dean. We’re all gonna do our thing. We’re having fun.”

Roman Reigns finished by admitting that he will never wrestle anywhere else but WWE in his career.

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