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Roman Reigns news: The reason Reigns hid his leukemia from the WWE fans

Roman Reigns news: The reason Reigns hid his leukemia from the fans
Roman Reigns news: The reason Reigns hid his leukemia from the fans. Pic credit: WWE

Roman Reigns broke the hearts of the WWE Universe on Monday Night Raw when he announced that he had to leave the company due to a battle leukemia battle.

In his promo, Reigns announced that he contracted leukemia 11 years ago and beat it before he ended up joining the WWE. However, it wasn’t until he stepped away this week that anyone knew that he had battled leukemia in the past.

Why did Roman Reigns hide leukemia from fans?

Triple H spoke with Elvis Duran & The Morning Show (thanks to WrestleZone) and he was asked why Roman Reigns kept his leukemia battle a secret.

Triple H said that he and Roman Reigns had talked about this and there was a very legitimate reason why he did not want fans to know about the cancer battle in his past.

“This is something he did not want to put out there until he had reached a certain point in time in his career,” Triple H said. “He didn’t want people to feel like he was being pitied or given things for a certain reason.”

Sadly, fans have been booing Reigns for years now because they felt he was given special treatment. However, these fans felt that it was because he was a “typical big man” and they felt he didn’t deserve it over other wrestlers.

With that said, Triple H said that Roman Reigns wanted to wait until late in his career and then reveal to fans the battles of his past and how he was able to achieve anything no matter what life throws at you.

Now, it will be interesting to see if the Roman Reigns leukemia battle will help fans understand how hard it has been for him to even reach this level in the WWE.

Who in the WWE knew about Roman Reigns leukemia battles?

According to The Wrestling Observer, there were very few people inside the WWE itself that even knew about Roman Reigns leukemia battles.

His leukemia had been in remission since 2008.

Even the people close to him did not know that Roman Reigns relapsed last week. Vince McMahon learned last week but only told the people who needed to know without giving any specifics.

His close friends in the Shield, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, didn’t even know about the recent diagnosis. An hour before Monday Night Raw began, Ambrose and Rollins, as well as select others, were told that Roman Reigns was giving up his title.

They were not told why — which is probably why Seth Rollins was so emotional when he came out to embrace Roman Reigns after the Monday Night Raw announcement.

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