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Roman Reigns might be out of WWE for a long time

Roman Reigns might be out of WWE for a long time
Roman Reigns might miss a lot of WWE time. Pic credit: WWE

WWE is continuing on, despite the coronavirus pandemic, but they are doing so without a few of their wrestlers. The biggest name missing is Roman Reigns.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Triple H explained that WWE was moving forward with TV shows and WrestleMania next weekend because WWE believes people need entertainment right now to get their minds off the problems in the world.

WWE has always prided itself as a company that is there to give people a break when times are tough.

In the same interview, Triple H talked about Roman Reigns’ status in the company after he went home.

Reigns left and pulled out of WrestleMania when The Miz showed up sick. He is compromised when it comes to his immunity levels thanks to leukemia. Reigns knows his life and family are more important.

However, Triple H said that Reigns has nothing to worry about. Leaving now for health reasons or safety will not hurt anyone’s standing in WWE. With that said, Reigns might be gone for a long time.

Roman Reigns won’t be back for awhile

Roman Reigns has beaten leukemia twice in his life. The most recent battle was just two years ago.

That battle left his immune system compromised. If Roman Reigns gets COVID-19, it could kill him. With a wife and children, that is not a risk he needs to take.

Here is the problem.

Just because the self-isolation and quarantine might end by May, that does not mean the threat of this coronavirus is dead. Until there is a vaccine created, it will always be a threat, with just the hopes that it mutates and becomes less deadly the longer it is out there.

This means that even when the isolation lifts, Roman Reigns is still in danger.

“Realistically he probably shouldn’t be doing this for a long time,” Dave Meltzer said. “This is not about WrestleMania this is about long after WrestleMania.

“Until this thing is way under control and I’m not talking about it being in control enough where we’re out going to restaurants again, but way under control or there’s a vaccine.”

Daniel Bryan is also worried

Daniel Bryan is expecting his second child with Brie Bella.

This means that he is a risk to not only his wife but also his unborn child and his toddler girl. Plus, as Brie Bella said, Daniel Bryan is also at high risk for COVID-19.

“My husband has an autoimmune disease,” Brie Bella said. “He also fought asthma really bad when he was young. He was always sick when he was a kid and I’ll admit, I lost sleep last night.”

Daniel Bryan planned to quarantine himself in a hotel and not return home to be with his wife until he is 100 percent sure that he is healthy and has no traces of coronavirus in his body.

“That could be weeks, and when he left yesterday or the day before, I was just like, ‘It could be three weeks until I see you’ and it’s just sad but thank goodness for technology,” Bella said.

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