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Road Dogg quits as lead writer for WWE SmackDown Live

Road Dogg quits as lead writer
Road Dogg quits as SmackDown Live writer. Pic credit: WWE

In some hugely surprising news, Road Dogg (real name Brian James) quit as the head writer for WWE SmackDown Live.

This comes just four days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of D-Generation X. According to PWInsider, he told WWE he was stepping down yesterday, the day after the most recent episode of SmackDown Live.

He also took to Twitter with a cryptic statement about it.

Road Dogg was working alongside Stephen Guerrieri but reports indicate that he was getting to the “breaking point” when it came to writing the scripts for SmackDown Live only to have Vince McMahon make last minute changes, forcing him to work around it and solve problems left by the changes.

The good news for WWE is that ProWrestlingSheet reports that Road Dogg is not leaving the company. His former tag team partner Billy Gunn has a producer role with AEW Wrestling but Road Dogg will stay in WWE as a “utility player” as they try to find a new role for him in the company.

The word is that the change is not contentious but both sides felt it was for the better. Road Dogg had been unable to mask his frustrations lately and was putting in a large amount of time to create the shows only to have all his work changed at the last minute.

Wrestling Observer reports that Vince McMahon “dressed James down” for continuity issues on SmackDown Live, even though most of those issues were because McMahon would often make changes as late as during the show.

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