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Ring of Honor Wrestling and New Japan sells out GI Supercard at Madison Square Garden

Ring of Honor G1 supercard
Ring of Honor Wrestling and New Japan sells out GI Supercard at Madison Square Garden — Pic credit: Ring of Honor

If anyone doubts there is a boom in professional wrestling right now, a look at the independent scene and companies like Ring of Honor and New Japan should tell the full story.

It was only a few short months ago that Ring of Honor was talking about working out a deal to put on a show in Madison Square Garden in New York City.The problem was that no one had held a wrestling show in Madison Square Garden except for the WWE in decades.

With the WWE holding WrestleMania next year at MetLife Stadium and the NXT Takeover show and WWE Hall of Fame ceremony at the Barclays Center, it looked like the WWE was phasing out the famed Garden.

However, when Ring of Honor started to talk about this show, the WWE reportedly contacted Madison Square Garden and used their first rejection rights. Ring of Honor reportedly got their attorneys involved and they got their show in the Garden.

To put a ribbon on the story and show how great this was for Ring of Honor, they announced their G1 Supercard, teaming with New Japan Professional Wrestling, and sold out Madison Square Garden in a matter of minutes.

60 percent of Madison Square Garden sold out in a presale to ROH Honor Club members. Then, just 19 minutes after they went on sale to the public, PWInsider reported that the G1 Supercard sold out.

Madison Square Garden holds 18,500 people for a wrestling event.

This comes a month after Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks promoted their own upcoming supershow in Chicago called All In and sold out that show in one hour.

Indie wrestling is booming right now and Ring of Honor is at the center of the rise.

What is impressive is that the sold-out G1 Supercard show will take place the night before WrestleMania and it is just down the road from where NXT will hold its Takeover event that same night.

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