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Renee Young Twitter shows horror at husband Jon Moxley’s AEW Full Gear match

Renee Young Twitter shows horror at husband Jon Moxley's AEW Full Gear match
Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega at AEW All Out. Pic credit: AEW

Jon Moxley battled Kenny Omega in the final match at the AEW Full Gear PPV. This was not the main event but was instead a “lights out” match.

This means it is unsanctioned and took place after the “official” PPV ended. It also meant there were no rules and anything goes.

Most fans know that Jon Moxley wrestled in WWE as Dean Ambrose and his wife is WWE Backstage host Renee Young.

While the match was horrifically violent and entertaining for the fans, it was just horrific and shocking for Renee Young, as she watched her husband compete in the match.

Things seemed good when the match started. Jon Moxley came to the ring through the crowd and he and Kenny Omega just started kicking the crap out of each other.

However, soon Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega pulled out barbed wire and started to cut each other open with it, making each other bleed.

Between trash cans, broken tables, and the barbed wire bats, it was clear that Renee Young was getting a bit uncomfortable.

Then, Kenny Omega pulled out a giant board with set mousetraps on it and put it into the ring. Moxley luckily dropped Omega onto it, but things were just getting started.

Omega then pulled out a bag and it had broken shards of glass in it. He started to dig it into Moxley’s head and then spread them all out into the ring.

Both men ended up taking giant falls into the glass on their backs and their heads.

Renee Young might have started covering her eyes at this point.

Then, they went up the ramp. The Young Bucks, at Kenny’s demand, brought out a giant board covered with rolls of barbed wire and then Moxley suplexed Omega onto the table, both men landing hard.

It took numerous officials to get them out of the barbed wire, as it was sticking into both wrester’s bodies.

Then Omega drove Moxley into one of the displays by the stage.

Renee Young wanted this to be over with, clearly.

Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley went back to the ring and that is when Moxley pulled up the ring apron and the padding, leaving only the wood.

Both men took hard hits to the wood, but, finally, Mox was able to hit an elevated DDT onto the wood and win the match, ending the horrors that his wife was watching.

As Renee Young said, there was only one thing to do now.

AEW Dyanmite airs on Wednesday night on TNT at 8/7c.

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