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Renee Young reacts to her history making Monday Night Raw appearance

Renee Young reacts to her history making Monday Night Raw appearance
Renee Young became the first woman to commentate an entire episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

Renee Young made history on Monday night when she became the first woman to ever commentate an entire episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

While there have been women who have come onto Raw and commentated during matches before, Young serving as one of the main color commentators for the entire episode was history making.

Young had accomplished this task on WWE NXT and WWE Superstars, but for the WWE flagship show of Monday Night Raw, this was the first time in 25 years a female voice joined the commentating team for an entire episode.

Young was very excited and thankful for the opportunity in a video posted by WWE.com after Monday Night Raw ended.

In the interview, Renee Young talked about something that many WWE fans have heard about — Vince McMahon is always talking to the announcers as they work the broadcasts, giving instructions and telling them things to say.

Mick Foley himself said at one time that he hated working as a commentator because of Vince McMahon never shutting up when it comes to shouting out instructions.

According to Young, McMahon only spoke to her one time during the entire episode in the headset, and that was just to tell her to slow down a little in her excited commentating at one point. Young also said that veteran commentator Michael Cole gave her positive feedback.

“I can be very hard on myself and very critical of myself but I feel like most of the stuff I did out there, I’m gonna say like 99.9% felt truly authentic to me and were my genuine reactions to things,” Young said in the video.

Renee Young also said how her favorite moment was to be on the commentating team when her husband Dean Ambrose returned to WWE Monday Night Raw for the first time in nine months. She said it was exciting to see him back after all the work he put in during recovery.

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