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Randy Orton explains why he attacked Edge after WWE Royal Rumble appearance

Randy Orton explains why he attacked Edge after WWE Royal Rumble appearance
Randy Orton tells Beth Phoenix why he attacked Edge. Pic credit: WWE

For weeks now, Randy Orton has come out to the ring to apologize for why he took out Edge the night after the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble.

However, he has never given the explanation — until now.

On the March 2 edition of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton finally revealed why he attacked Edge and what caused him to wrap the chair around his neck and send him to the injured list.

Randy Orton and his attack on Edge

This goes back to the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble.

That night, to the shock of fans all over the world, Edge made his return to the ring after a decade of retirement.

The biggest surprise was the fact that Edge was told he could never wrestle again due to neck injuries. He was told that one bad fall could paralyze him or even kill him.

However, Edge worked hard and ended up medically cleared to wrestle again.

That return was at the Royal Rumble. In that match, Edge and Randy Orton teamed up again as Rated-RKO before Edge eventually eliminated Orton.

The night after the Royal Rumble, Edge came to the ring and told fans that he was back and this time he would retire under his own circumstances.

Randy Orton came down to the ring.

After hugging Edge, Orton explained to the audience how he was at his lowest and Edge pulled him up and they were like brothers.

Then Orton hit the RKO on Edge. He put a chair under Edge’s head and hit the Con-chair-to.

Edge was stretchered out.

Randy Orton tells Beth Phoenix why he attacked Edge

For a few weeks, Randy Orton kept saying he was sorry. No one believed him.

Matt Hardy, who has every reason to hate Edge for stealing his girlfriend Lita in real-life so many years before, came out and stood up for his former friend.

Orton responded by taking Matt Hardy out with a con-chair-to and then did it again a week later, ending Matt Hardy’s WWE career.

This week, Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, came out to give fans an update on Edge’s injury.

Before she could, Randy Orton came out.

He finally explained himself.

Orton told Phoenix that Edge was one of the first people there when he was a teenager to wish Orton luck and tell him that they might work together one day.

They did and they became close friends.

When Randy Orton “flew too close to the sun,” Edge was there to pull him back to Earth and save him from himself. Thanks to Edge, Orton learned about family and love. He started taking his kids to their sports games and was there for his wife and children.

Now that Edge thinks he can come back and wrestle, despite the warnings that it could paralyze him, it was time for Orgon to repay the favor.

Randy Orton took out Edge now so that Edge will never wrestle again. This is so Edge can be there for his wife, Beth Phoenix, and their two daughters. He did this for them.

Then Orton stepped over the line. He said that he loves Edge and their daughters more than Beth Phoenix does. He called her an enabler, and much like someone would push drugs on a junkie or alcohol to an alcoholic, she pushed Edge, who is an adrenaline junkie.

Randy Orton was there for her family because Beth Phoenix wasn’t.

Phoenix slapped Orton. Randy called her a “bit*ch.” Phoenix kicked Orton in the midsection and he knocked her out with an RKO.

Expect Edge to be back very soon — because this just got personal.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs at 8/7c on USA Network.

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