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R-Truth wins 24/7 title at Fox Sports event [Video]

R-Truth wins 24/7 title at Fox Sports event
R-Truth with the Fox Sports college football crew. Pic credit: WWE/YouTube

WWE is bringing SmackDown Live to Fox in October, but they are already working with the network and brought some wrestling action to a recent Fox Sports college football event on Friday.

Fox brought out Elias, who started to play a song when Drak Maverick showed up with his Wanted Posters and wanted a shot at Elias so he could finally consummate his marriage.

Fox security was there to stop him and he couldn’t get to the main stage.

However, R-Truth snuck onto the side of the stage, moved in behind Elias, and cradled him. The referee with Drake ran in and counted three and R-Truth became the WWE 24/7 Champion for the 13th time.

After the win, R-Truth ran off and Drake Maverick gave chase as the FOX NFL music began to play over speakers. Maverick chased R-Truth through a football throwing event and then it all ended when R-Truth tossed Drake into a dunk tank and left as champion.

Here is a video of the event.

However, things did not work out well for R-Truth. On the set of Fox College Football, Fox Sports commentators were talking about the upcoming games when R-Truth showed up.

He asked if he was safe there because a lot of foxes were chasing him. He then explained to them that as long as a referee is there, anyone could win the title from him. Rob Stone told him that he was safe.

Then, R-Truth tripped and instead of helping him up, Rob Stone pinned him and won the title. Below is the video of that moment as they all celebrated his win.

Then, Elias cradled him and won before running off with the title.

Rob Stone told Elias that it isn’t over and he agreed with R-Truth that it isn’t easy being champion.

R-Truth appears on both Monday Night Raw on Mondays and SmackDown Live on Tuesdays. SmackDown Live comes to Fox on Oct. 4.

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